Falklands Trouble Brewing

Time for a goodwill tour by the Red Arrows?

We could paint a bunch of Typhoons up and "accidentally" lose some LGBs on their parliament building....


Argie government are in a particularly whiny mood at the moment .
They think it distracts the lumpen masses from protesting about ( in no particular order )
The govt welching on an electoral promise to raise pensions
To raise teacher's pay
Fill everyone's fridges with food
Free prescriptions
Not to raise the price of fuel
Get a grip on inflation ( that's a laugh ) ….
Their football side being pants
Their rugby side being pants
The state of the roads
Floods caused by govt re directing money for flood defences into … er .. Swiss bank accounts
Not forgetting the small matter of $100Bn of debt that needs "restucturing"

Still focus on what matters eh?
And here they are whinging and crying because the US sided with the UK , it's WWI / WWII & Nato partner , and not with a murderous military regime intent on doing to British subjects what they inflicted on their own , ie torture , disappearances , theft of infants and property .
We knew the codes anyway , as some prat let slip in the Commons , but as other posters have mentioned , Malvinistas equate the war to a football match , ie they lost because of a bent ref , or fielding non registered players ( the Gurkhas ) , or other nonsense .
And then you've got the carrier sinking farce .
It really is comedy gold .


Perhaps the FI team could suggest calling themselves "The Goose Greens" so as not to offend anyone?
You can now fly to MPA from London for about £1185 return via Sao Paulo .
I might go down there sometime soon .
We could paint a bunch of Typhoons up and "accidentally" lose some LGBs on their parliament building....
...to raise the rainbow flag over the Casa Rosada?
A group of my Firbugady mates got well pissed up one night at a house party during the 1982 unpleasantness. They ended up phoning Argentine numbers until they found ones who spoke english and gave them a bucket load of fucks.

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