Falklands TACPs

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by dog_soldier, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. As part of the planning for the 25th anniversary of the Falklands, I am conducting some research into the TACP and FAC units that served during the War.

    I have some (at times brief) data on TACP/FAC units that deployed in 1982 - can anyone provide further info please. In particular - those TACP or FAC units or pax that were attached to RN or RM units as well as those as part of the LAND orbat.

    Many thanks
  2. Any takers pse?
  3. I assume that Persec is no longer an issue and gossip may be of use.

    On an FAC Course in late Nov 1982 I was told that an RAF FAC was attached to 2 Para at Goose Green but had to drop out because the officer was too unfit to keep up. Result no FAC at Goose Green.

    Are you after information about the NGS types as well? If so Hugh McManners the uthor is one. If you contact him he might know. Otherwise try whoever trains FACs now. They may have a history of FAC etc as well as historic documents
  4. I believe he was a 54 year old Squadron Leader who made a good attempt at the march but should never really have been allowed to undertake it. The anti-tank platoon commander took over the FAC role (name can be supplied if permitted by opsec?)
  5. 307

    307 War Hero

    I know an ex-148 bty. guy who claims he went ashore with SBS, I'd suggest that you look into contacting old 148 pers. from the falklands era for FAC stories. Maybe get onto JFACTSU like has been suggested as I'm sure they will have some gen for you, I think they're at RAF Leeming in N.Yorkshire.
  6. I tbought one of the 148 Bty bods called in the final air strike at Goose Green?
  7. The anti-tank platoon commander bit may well be untrue. I was quoting Max Hasting's Battle for the Falklands account. As luck would have it I am at the very page where the RAF FAC drops out. Unfortunately, I have not yet reached the next part - maybe I can comment again in a few days!
  8. I understand that the single RAF casualty of the conflict, Flt Lt GW Hawkins, was a FAC who died in the tragic Sea King bird strike incident which also killed a considerable number of SAS.
  9. You may get a better response if you post on the Gunner area , there are some old and bold 148/29 types that pop up now and again, failing that get in touch with the Citadel or Poole they may have history type rooms?

    The Op/BC's partys from 4th Field were in the Falklands although Im not sure who they supported and if they had FAC.

    The Patrols Pltns from the Para Bns pre PF may also have had an FAC capability.

    Most of the names are in the books and some officers are still serving.
  10. As previously acurately mentioned the RAF FAC attached to 2 Para for the Goose Green operation went tits up pretty early into the scrap.

    The 2 Para Anti Tank Pln Comd then took over Air Ops for some time until the Capt commanding the 148 Bty FOO C/S attached to the Bn was in a position to take it on.

    Although both Parachute Bns had trained FAC's within the Bns only 148 Bty had the Comms set-up to speak to the air assets on a permanent basis.

    Good bunch of guys apart from the ****** that scoffed half my curry on Estancia Mountain.

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  11. There was certainly an RAF FAC officer(former jet jockey)attached to 3 Cdo Bde HQ.he had also done the AACC.

  12. Flight lt M H(double barreled name)was ex jet jockey 3 cdo bde fac--believe he suffered pts in later years.612or 614tacp?
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There was a book about 148 in the war! I did read it but it is long gone!
  14. The RAF FAC, a Squadron Leader P*****, was as you say in his fifties. Not only was he unfit, but had also injured his ankle. He did however make the staging point at Camilla Creek House, chivvied along by one of the 2 Para medics. (my source)
  15. Contact JFACTSU at RAF LEEMING in North Yorkshire . Thats the FAC school for us Brits and most of NATO .
    At JFACTSU they have course photos of every course since the sixties . Give them a call , i am sure they would
    be very interested in helping you , PM me if you want the number .