Falklands shooting incident???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by k13eod, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know of a shooting incident/accident that has just occurred on Onion Range in the Falklands where 3 soldiers have been shot. Only my daughter phoned from Germany to say that one of the wounded guys is a good friend of ours. Apparantly he has been casevaced to Montevideo and the other two are still in Stanley.

    Any news appreciated, but if too early for any 'official' release no problem.
  2. Will ask the missus when she is online, as she is a techie on the SAR down there, she did mention the incident a day or two ago.
  3. Cheers mate. Don't know what happened but our friend is with the RE EOD detachment down there and it sems he has been shot through the hips and spine.

    As fate would have it I am flying down tomorrow on a 3 month contract.
  4. Sorry Bob -snap!
  5. Cheers guys. Thanks for the link. Will hopefully find out more in time.
  6. Love that quote, "no such thing as a range accident, someone is always at fault"

    Nice broad brush statement, that indicates the hunt is on for a culprit.
  7. The Daily Telegraph said they were shot during a live firing training session.

    The three are reported to have been hit by automatic fire during a platoon live firing training practice session on Onion Range, land which is used for training by the Army and located on a remote part of East Falkland island.

    Hope the lads are OK. Also, I would hate to be the fella that fired the rounds downrange.

    K13, Good luck and bring some good snaps back.
  8. K13 just bring yourself back, stay safe

  9. Have a good trip down K13 - enjoy Ascension!
  10. Hi there,
    Im k13's Daughter. If anyone has any more news for me that would be great. As far as im aware there were 3 injured last wednesday. Im not sure how true any of the news reports are as the mod have clamped down. But my mate was 33 EOD. I have heard from his wife's best mate he has been cassevaced from FI, but she isnt sure where to as he is not in the uk yet. His wife has been flown too him. He was shot through one hip, that went through the spine and out the other hip. So far he has been 'cleaned up', has movement in one leg and only feeling in the other at the moment, but his spinal cord is still very swollen so they hope as there is feeling he will be able to walk again. He has also had to have a disc from his back removed to relieve pressure on his spinal cord.
    Im not going to name names yet as a lot of his mates use this site and quite likely dont know about it yet. But again if anyone has any further news then that would be great.
    Many thanks xXx
  11. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/137520/Soldiers-shot-on-range
  12. One is badly injured and had to be flown to Birmingham’s Selly Oak Hospital, where his condition is described as “very serious”. The other two are being treated in the Falklands.

    Hmmmmm ok? Well my mate is NOT in the falklands any more but he is definatly Not back in the uk yet?! Being reassesed tomorrow to see if he will be able to fly home next week.

    The soldiers, all male, are from 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, known as 5 Scots, which is based in Canterbury, Kent.

    Hmmmmm- Last time i looked he was 33 RE EOD based in Wimbish, Essex

    Again MOD clamping down and letting the reporters come up with their own stories!