Falklands Referendum result shock


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First the Argentinian Navy adopts a self-sinking plan, then Chavez snuffs it, and now this. Ah well, Kirchner will just have to stick to ruining the economy.


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Retained Argie Servicemen, or people who've decided they'd really rather their politicians in the "crazed, self-important, deluded maniac" model, and lets face it, CMD just doesn't square up!
The 3 against were the three islanders that can't read, they actually put an "x" in the box next to Argentina and really thought the x meant "Go **** yourselves you Argie Bastards, you bombed my sheep pen, and Diego Imagonna is still a **** too"
Of 1,517 votes cast in the two-day referendum, 1,513 were in favour of keeping the current status, while just three votes were against.
only 3 !?!?! I thought there would have been more drunken facetious smartarsers voting than that.
The 3 have been named and shamed...........

A Senor Leopoldi Bob Galterie who left the polling booth thinking the Argies won in '82 anyway

A General Franco De mayo Belgrano who runs a failed Sailing School on the Western Island,

and a Senor Diego Imagonna who said the hand of god made him do it.

The three have already admitted guilt and have been sentenced to a further 30 years of living on the Island.
Low turnout though. Only 90%. Apathy has set in.
Two of the three votes against were the governor gneral and his wife.
They thought it was the quickest way to get off of the island and back to civilisation.
Low turnout though. Only 90%. Apathy has set in.
Have you ever been there?

I've been there twice. (That's 2 times for the thickies).

Once when I was 18, and I didn't remember much of it.

I was there the other year, I met Putties, K13, MrSkuller and another few arrsers. It's an absolutely beautiful place, even though K13 hoyed me into a hedge.

I would go back there tomorrow. Think you've seen snow? Dream on!!!! I'll dig some photos out of me looking like a dick clearing the work Landrover of snow later. I obviously look lovely, even though I'm piss wet through and shouting at the RAF lass to get off her fat arrse and help me.

Her: " I'm keeping the engine running".

Me: (under my breath) "Shame you can't, you fat cow".
I was hoping that now Kirchner would wind her turkey like neck in but it seems that Argentina has issued a statement saying that the referendum is meaningless and the UN should decide the future of the Falklands. Perhaps someone should explain to them the meanings of the words self determination, veto and knob off.
I see the Argies have declared that the wishes of the islanders "don't matter" in what is a territorial issue. Might be why not too many voted for them.

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