Falklands Referendum on Sunday/Monday.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. If the Islanders vote to stay British, will it stop Argentina from going on about it or will they say it was fixed. There are a number of observers and a shed-load of Journos and now that Chavez has shuffled off to the party bar in the sky, will the Argies lose some of the backing from other Latino countries?
  2. Of cos it was fixed, they didn't get the result they wanted ;-)
  3. The Argentines refuse to recognise the legitimacy of the residents claim to have a say in their nationality/citizenship so they won't recognise the plebiscite no matter what the result.
  4. It was never for the benefit of the Argies (for whom "Las Malvinas son Argentinas" is every bit as much an article of faith as anything spouted by any religion), it was to make it clear to the rest of the world that Argentina is completely ignoring the islanders' inherent right to self-determination as guaranteed by the UN charter.

    It won't change a great deal initially, but will make it a lot harder for most democratic countries (esp. the USA) to remain on the fence. Coupled with careful diplomacy from the FCO and, hopefully, bucketloads of cash from oil, it might just precipitate a few things.

    Tubby's death won't change Venezuala's stance for the moment; the ones to watch in SA are Chile and Uruguay - they'll benefit the most from any oil money and have an inherent dislike/distrust of Argentina. Their "support" for Arg has been little more than lip-service so far. After a few years of the FIG's sovereign wealth fund investing billions (?) in their economies they may quietly tell Arg to "take it to the ICJ or STFU".
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  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    uraguay is the one to cosy up to - 10m dollars a day is being smuggled into its banks from argentine at the moment.

    evil nigella is fcuked and she knows it. she'll carry on screwing the country then suddenly turn up somewhere else.
  6. Argentina isn't doing to well these days in this hemisphere - more eyes are on Chile than Argentina.
    Kirchner is deflecting the woeful state of the economy and where its headed with a nationalistic diversion (worked great for Galtieri !)

    But there are economic gains to be had obviously with fishing and mineral rights - hence the fact of ignoring what the inhabitants want - which does not sound at all colonial.
  7. Good luck.

    COFFEY: Let the Falkland Islanders be heard - Washington Times

    Please feel free to say "****-off!" to our politicos and the state department.
  8. The most sensible idea for this would be to snatch the body of Hugo Chavez and doing a low flypass over wherever the moody bint in Argentina resides and kick him out of the back with a note pinned to him saying "you're next".
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  9. Damned immigrant residents with delusions of grandeur, taking over and speaking their outlandish tongue... why didn't they adopt the euro with the rest of Spain?
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  10. As opposed to the legions of happy Argentines who frollocked peacefully on this bountiful garden of eden, and that they were cruelly evicted by a malicious empire who had the audacity to take over islands from a country that didnt actually exist at the time?
  11. This is really just an excuse to post pictures of men with moustaches and proper rifles