Falklands Questions

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Gents some niggling questions that have been bothering me, please help scratch that itch.

    What reason did Belgium give for refusing to sell us ammunition during the Falklands War? What was done to source the ammunition? What happening after the War in relation to Belgium?

    many thanks in advance
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I was only 14 at the time but remember that now you mention it. Didn't we get it from India or somewhere there in the end? Not sure what the repurcussions were though.

    Not surprising though - spent some time living in Brussels and the French Belgians are the most gutless, self serving, selfish and unpleasant people I have ever met.
  3. They make nice bread though.
  4. That's what the Foreign Legion says:

    Tiens, voila du boudin, voila du boudin,
    Voila du boudin
    Pour les Alsaciens, les Suisses et les Lorrains
    Pour les Belges, il n'y en a plus,
    Ce sont des tireurs au Cul;
    Pour les Belges, il n'y en a plus,
    Ce sont des tireurs au cul.

    (modern translation)

    Hang on, here's your bergen,
    here's your bergen,
    For the men of Alsace, for the men of Lorraine and for the Swiss,
    But not for the Belgians,
    They're a bunch of REMFs,
    Not for the Belgians,
    They're a bunch of REMFs.

    (it sounds better in French)

    NB. edited for pedantry - le boudin = lit. "black pudding". Nickname given to the sausage-shaped roll of kit carried by Legionnaires in the 19th century.
  5. No direct link to the Falklands but this Link gives a good idea why everyone hates belguim.

  6. Its because theyre basically French.
  7. FN had a big contract supplying the argies which is why they had more fire power than us SLR armed types. (i did pick up a nice one but it is sadly at the bottom of Southampton Water now) dunno if that is anything to do with it but it may have had a bearing. not that I was aware of this anyway or that it made a haporth of difference in the long run.
    After all who puts mayonnaise on their chips anyway?

    Im with Douglas adams on this one...
  8. What ammo?

    And as for the 7.62 the Argies used it was crap. I think lockally produced, baddly stored and of very low quality.

    Why did we need ammo from Belgum we only put a div in the field.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    If memory serves our held stocks were allocated to NATO and to take them south meant replacing the NATO stuff. Was a similar issue with AIM9L sidewinder missiles for the Harriers - we took our NATO war stocks south and the US provided replacements for the NATO commitment.
  10. I know they had FN rifles
    Wasnt aware we needed stocks from les Belges that were to go south.
    As I remember there was only a very few weeks from the head shed saying make it so to all things enroute. If belgium was ever asked for a resupply it would have been to replenish stocks in the UK.
    and as for offdogs comment if the term storage can apply to cases left open to the weather and bird cr@p then I would agree. never tried firing it though. to start with too nervous of boobytraps at the end why would I want to?
  11. I don't recall the belgies acting up during the Gulf. As for their allegiance to one customer over another, FN had a policy of making sure that everybody in a war had loads of their products - it was better for business!

    In the Gulf they vetoed the release of NATO war stocks. this was for the reason referred to above and the Royal Ordnance factories went into overdrive and a variety of ammo was sourced elsewhere. Ironically the war was done and dusted before the surge capacity kicked in, the overseas procurements in the main had arrived and the real main effort became repackeaging the stuff that had been lifted forward for backloading!!
  12. We got 1000s and I mean 1000s of rds following the war, about 83. it was for training only. It was still in the original boxes, 20 rds in carboard, 200 in plastic linner and 1000 wooden boxes. The screws holding the boxes were rusted so the only way to get at the linners was to drop the wooed box on its corner. The rds were stuk to the cardboard and group sixe was 12 inches and more. The only time I had splite cases and the LMG would not work on auto with them. Complete and uter wast of a range day.
  13. Just as bloody well I didnt try then!
  14. I am assuming that your talking about captured Argy stuff here?

    Back to the original question - is it a urban myth? It seems to be bandied about enough if it is
  15. yellow devil......its la boudin not du boudin....cheers mate....