Falklands - Port Stanley

Discussion in 'Travel' started by alhucoll, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Will be down that neck of the woods from the 14th December until the 28th December (for work).
    So, any good watering holes and recommendations on the place in general?
    Obviously I want to pay my respects to our fallen and I will be doing that.
    No idea where I'll be staying yet.

    If any ARRSERS are down there and want anything (within reason) bringing, drop me a PM.


    Al the Mud,
    Ex RN (Walkman vintage)
  2. Not down there, sadly (contract didn't work out) but there should be some mine clearance going on while your there so look out for the BACTEC lads.

    If you want a pint in decent pub then I recommend the Victory Bar. Say hello to Ally & Kath from me ... tell Ally that Kev says he's still a benny mudsucker!

    The Globe is ok for a beer but is a dive as is Deanos, but an experience that must not be missed.

    If the Trough is on during your stay it's a must. good music, tarty women and always an amusing scrap. have to take your own beer though.

    Malvina hotel is good scran, but pricey.

  3. Cheers for the info k13eod,
    I think it must be the Malvina I'm staying at (someone had a sense of humour naming that!)
    I'll look up the BACTEC lads and ndrop in to the Victory bar for you (and me).
    The Trough - sounds like the place being and old matelot......................
    I'll try not to get too legless.


  4. Very basic but reasonably cheap bar meals in the Vic. They used to have Steak Night on a Wednesday and you got a good sized lump of cow for your cash.
  5. Fish Chips and a Bottle of white from the chippy (So civilized) then scoff it on the waterfront.
  6. What's the name of the place just up the road from the Vic where you can get "blue" steaks? We went there with Rog after you decided that Eating was Cheating and stayed in the pub. Strangely enough, I had to be carried back to the Waterfront Hotel that night. You're a bad influence on me.
  7. This talk of food is teasing - stuck doing paperwork (my expences) and on my fifth beer...........may just have to "cheat" and eat.
    So, from what I can gather I won't starve or go thirsty!
    Cheers so far for the info folks!

  8. Oh, and the cafe near Hillside Camp does great bacon butties and burgers.

    Don't go into the Globe though, it's a proper spit and sawdust place and full of squaddies, and the toilets are horrible. The Vic is much more civilised.
  9. Chippy is history. But you can get a good bacon/sausage/egg roll from the bakery.

    Falklands Brasserie. It's where gay people go when life has reached a point where nothing matters. Bad influence on you? You never went anywhere in the Falklands after 10pm uncarried.

    Another tip: Do not be tempted to eat one of Freds burgers. His burger "van" is parked outside the Vic and is open on a Friday and Saturday night. They're gopping.
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  10. Shorty's Diner ... good scran there.

    I educated you in the end didn't I?
  11. Shorties Cafe, It's the future