Falklands pictures.

Does anyone where can I find pictures of the SAS in the Falklands? or Does anyone know if there is any "british forum" on pictures of the Falklands war? Thank you.
All you need are some photos of blokes posing with SLRs against a backdrop of the Brecon Beacons with black nasty over their eyes. The uninitiated won't know the difference.
Sluggy should be able to sort you out with photos of the SPS in action in the Falklands. God, it was rough out there, especially when the heating broke down.
Yer man.
James Shortt esq, CiC Galloglas Guard etc, etc.
Castle Errin,
Hmmm..did we have rank tabs on the front of windproofs in 82? My god, my life is boring!!
Some of the arctic gear did...but IIRC THEM rarely bothered with rank badges on ops etc.


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