Falklands painting valuation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ant143, May 19, 2012.

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  1. Hi my father in law has a picture of the gun and his crew that someone painted of them taken from the falklands.We are wanting to get it valued and wondered if anyone can help as to where would be best to take it.Its print number 18 of 100 and the artist has now passed away.If anyone can help i would appreciate it thanks!
  2. Google the pictures name and the artist, you will find any number of military fine art sites. Given that it is a print the retail price you see on those sites will give you an idea, less about 50%, what they may pay you for it.
  3. Ok thanks very much i will try that
  4. That doesnt work i'm afraid
  5. Do you have any info on it? A photo of it? A title?

  6. What is the Artist's name?

    edited to add:

    If it's a limited edition print copied before the artist died then the chances are it's been signed. If the painting is mounted then the signature maybe under the mount. If it is a limited edition print with a signature then this will help the value.

    Add a little handy provenance - such as the artist sold it to your FIL through a chance meeting at a Falklands Veteran's meeting - or it was presented by a grateful ....(fill in the blanks) and you're away.

    There have been many paintings done 'after the event' but there were a few official War Artists including Linda Kitson and Roy Perry RI who were commissioned to capture the essence of the conflict. Kitson constantly sketched though out the re-taking of the Islands whereas Perry, who was not actually in the Falklands was commissioned after war by most of the Regiments involved and his original works hang in their respective Officer's Mess, they also feature in the private collections of Margaret Thatcher, HRH Prince Charles and her Majesty the Queen.

    He was lent equipment, maps (including acetates of the all the tactical advances), photographs and video by the MoD to assist him.

    To the best of my knowledge there are no prints of Perry's Falkland's paintings and these originals would be fairly valuable. Although I could be wrong.

    Other painters commissioned by Regiments to paint scenes of the conflict after the war include Terence Cuneo, and Peter Archer, both distinguished Military Artists and the Wildlife Artist David Shepherd.
  7. Hi its by Joan Wanklyn and its titled Take Post To Lay,4th Field Regiment Royal Artillery,Falkland Islands 1982.Its number 18 of 100 and it is signed.Number 17 is also in the family.Thats as much as i know but i can ask him this afternoon and post on here any more info i get.
  8. Well she died in 1999 apparently - so that's good news at least . I don't know much about her but the internet reveals that she has a some originals at RMAS and that she turned to military drawings in later life, although she was known for equestrian works before that.

    There are many data bases that will give you information on the recently acquired prices for artists - you will have to lay out some cash to 'join' them however.

    Her moniker:

  9. My fil said he bought it from the army themselves as none were released to the general public.The original was if not still is in the sergants mess at 4th regiment.I will contact the auctioneers you mention and see if they will tell me.Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi My name is Troy Davies and I served with the 4th Field Regt when this painting was done I would love a copy. If you would like to sell it please get in contact.
  11. Hi Troy i am sorry but we wont be selling i'm afraid.My fil is Joe Walker if you have ever heard of him.He is still alive but when the enevitable happens it will stay in the family as it means something to us aswell
  12. From looking at the websites of various auction houses (Google is your friend), I'm sad to say but the prints are worth at most GBP 150 quid...

    ...with loads of Joan Wanklyn military prints (signed) of RHA and other units selling for as little as 5 quid each. Prints (even signed) are rarely worth much, and the sentimental/emotional value that soldiers and their families attach to such works is far more than civvies are willing to pay (because they understand nothing of the story behind the painting).

    Enjoy the pictures: get them properly mounted and framed to protect them (if you can afford it, go for the special non-reflective glass that also prevents the picture from fading due to sunlight).

    All the best,

    (Ex 4RA).
  13. Thanks for the info.My fil has it already framed and sadly it has faded over the years.It will never be sold just wondered for insurance.I wish i had a copy its brilliant.Cheers Ant 143 (truck driver civy st!):biggrin:
  14. And here's me thinking this was a thread on a quote for a spot of decorating down South.