Falklands on TV tonight.

Good call Arte!!

Anyone see the documentary the other day, Return to the Falkalnds, with Simon Weston. There was a story where an ex Marine got in touch with an ex Argentine officer, so he could give his photos back. They met up on mount Harriet?, and exchanged stories. It was actually quite touching, and made you remember the losses from both sides of the Atlantic.
Combat Medics on Military Channel next Sunday at 20:00hrs Sky 531 should be worth a watch. It features a Falklands medic who is the only one in history that was awarded by both sides.

Bombed, attacked, dangerously low on medical supplies and frequently cut off from the British fleet. Welcome to Ajax Bay - the main Falklands field hospital.

This unit and the men who ran it, including a captured Argentine doctor, dealt with casualties from both sides from every major engagement during the war. They had one clear aim. No casualty, no matter to which side they owed allegiance, no matter how horrifically injured, would be allowed to die on their watch…

The unit was so successful that after the war, the hospital’s senior Surgeon Commander, Dr Rick Jolly, was decorated by both sides; a unique feat for a British serviceman.

These are Falklands Combat Medics - and this is the last untold story of the Falklands War.
Coming soon from Military History - MILITARY HISTORY on History

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