falklands mines - why arent the argies clearing them??

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by tired_chimp, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7742661.stm

    Campaigners say the move this week could damage the UK's international reputation and set a bad example that other nations may try to follow.

    that's all well and good, but we didn't plant the fcuking things in the first place. how does it damage the reputation of the UK that we haven't cleared 20,000 mines left there by argenbloodytina?

    the article goes on to say the islanders really aren't that bothered, the mines are only in 0.1% of farmable land, so it's not really an issue anyway... just another excuse to bash britain.
  2. The Argies aren't clearing them because we won.
  3. yeah. that's my point.... we won - since when did the defeated nation get to call the shots?
  4. IIRC: Didn't we sell the mine and the delivery systems to the Argentinians?
  5. I would want a load of Argentinitian Military, turning up to "clear the mines" if I was living on the Falklands? They might see it as a chance to try again......?
  6. I'm ok still got my minefield maps
  7. Give your heads a shake fellas.

    We humiliated the Argentinians in 1982. Does anyone seriously think that if the boot was on the other foot, that you would countenance the sending of British troops to risk their lives clearing an area that is not under our control?

    The spoils of victory are not always a good thing.
  8. The Argies showed that they shouldn´t be trusted with anything to do with mines in ´82. When they scattered them around willy nilly, with bad records and then destroyed-removed the p1ss poor records they did have when the combined mights of the Paras, Royals, Guards and Gurkhas smashed them all over the islands. Not to mention the Poole and Hereford Hooligans popping up left right and centre.

    They would probably just use the fact in further "claims" on the Islads.

    As mentioned,t he Islanders aren´t that fussed or affected. Much better to use scarce resources in places that need clearing!!!
  9. They are also laid in peat and move when it swells or dries out. It has been decided that it's far safer to just adhere to the maps issued and report anything visible.

    Sounds like a good job for a penal battalion of Chavs who rob poppy collections and beat up veterans. Could also make it a bit more lifelike for them by firing the odd burst over their heads.
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Bl00dy silly treaty in the first place. No reason why we should have given away what is essentially a matter of sovereignty - supine Govt should have excluded Falklands, even if it did make sense for us to foreswear what could be a useful weapon to protect our troops in the future. As I understand it Russia and China aren't signatories anyway - what money do they put up to clear mines of their manufacture?
  11. The whole thing was started by Argentine scrap metal merchants, don't give the buggers another chance!

    I thought that the treaty required signatories who had laid mines to remove them. We didn't lay these mines so, naturally any clearance is considerably more hazardous and if, as in this case, the mines aren't in an area where life is likely to be at risk why risk our lives to clear it?
  12. I have a solution, get all the fcukers who removed/destroyed the records in extended line at one end of the minefield and get them to walk through it!
  13. I like Plant lifes idea, and the idea raised by Taffnp.

    Maybe the chavs could be seconded to the Argentine Armed Forces? I am sure they would be, er, looked after.
  14. Isn't there a thread on compulsory national service? We could have the problem squared away now!
  15. And if it actually happened, you would happily wander through an area "cleared" by them? :roll: