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Falklands Memorial Fundraiser

The South Atlantic Medal Association [SAMA (82)] have a £62,000.00 target to raise, to build a Falklands Memorial to be dedicated at the National Memorial Arboretum on 20th May 2012 during the 30th Anniversary year of the conflict.

If everyone gave a few quid (or more if they wish) it would help us to reach our target.

One of our Members is Running in the BUPA Great Manchester Run to raise money for the Memorial Fund and has set up a page of his own for the event on the SAMA (82) Justgiving site.

Please help us to build this Memorial in memory of the 258 people who lost their lives during the conflict in 1982 by making a donation on Dave's Page.

Click here --> Dave Brown is fundraising for SAMA (82)

Thank You
Joe Erskine SAMA (82) Trustee
There already is one, it's in Cardiff
Correct (sort of)- that is the WELSH Falklands Monument which was fundraised for and built by the SAMA (82) Wales Branch and I was involved with that as well. There is also the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel at Pangbourne and the Falklands Memorial in the cript of St Pauls.

This is a Falklands Memorial to be built at The National Memorial Arboretum on the Falklands Plot the Arboretum put aside for us in 2006. At present it contains the Antelope Azelea beds, the SAMA (82) Bench and Plaque, the Falkland Families Association Tree and a Tree Plated by Midge Fieldhouse and her family in memory of her husband Lord Fieldhouse. The Falklands conflict and those klled in 82 is the only major conflict that has not got a proper memorial at the Arboretum at present.

Talking about the WELSH Falklands Monument in Cardiff, SAMA (82) Wales are making plans for a 30th Anniversary Commemoration weekend on 22nd June 2012 in a Hotel in Cardiff with a parade to the Monument.

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