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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Renal, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. A colleague of mine would like to contact the civvi medical officer(s) in Stanley, regarding a medical elective. Do any of you know how to get in contact with them? E-mail, snail mail or telephone.

    He'd also like to know how he would be able to get down there, I presume it's via Brize, do you know who to contact or how to book it?

    As an alternative, how would one go about contacting the senior military medical staff be out there? (Or who would be out there in Spring 2010?)

    Many thanks.
  2. Try typing "Falkland Islands health" in Google and see what it brings up
  3. Not a clue about the Civvie side of life, but all the contacts you need for getting in touch with the RAF base out there can be found through www.raf.mod.uk.
  4. Wow!

    I wish I'd never thought of that, then I'd now have the surprise of finding out that google doesn't have the answer he needs.

    I don't mean to be rude, but for the purposes of arranging this kind of placement, he needs a specific person, or position, to contact.
  5. As far as I was told (by someone who just returned form there) you will need to be ona cadetship to do your elective on a military establisment. Civilain staff or no, he's unlikely to get an elective unless he's signed up.

    Also, why would anyone here give private contact details that can't be found on google? Just go through the normal channels rather than bypassing the system. If you email the relevant authority they may be able to help you. Details for such an authority can be found by typing 'Falklands health' or somthing similar into google.
  6. There are no contact details, personal or otherwise, for Falkland Islands Government Health Service or KEMH available on the internet. The only e-mail addy we've found is rep@falklands.gov.fk.

    If that means that they don't accept mail then so be it, my colleague will have to find somewhere else or try through LGH or Southampton. No drama.

    If you can help, what are the normal channels and authority?

    Cheers but he's not on a cadetship, I don't think he wants to do the military side anyway.
  7. Just wondering, but isn't there a closer medical centre to get this done?
  8. Agreed. If not in the military, why on earth would you choose the falklands for your elective? I thought it was meant to teach you something. You're unklikely to learn something there that you can;t find a few thousand miles closer. It would also be a rather dull few months.
  9. I agree with the jew_unit. The Falklands is dull place. I mean reall dull. Duller than the dullest thing you have ever seen. You could find somewhere much closer, that would have the exact same system. Like, your local GP's.
  10. It may well cost him a few bob to get down there as well, the RAF charge for passengers on their flights.

    I was down the Falklands a long time ago, I worked in the operating theatres at the KEMH, it was very dull, we on average did 4 routine cases a week (lumps and bumps on a Tuesday morning, finished, cleaned up and instrument sets cleaned, packed and in the autoclave before lunch), occassionally a caesarian section or a fisherman needing his appendix whipped out. KEMH wouldnt be the place for any placement, also there arent any military staff there any more.
    Med Centre at MPA? most cases through the door would probably be sporting injuries and colds.

    The buggerance factor of getting there (including cost), somewhere to stay and getting back would far outweigh the clinical workload. If he is a civvie then why would he want to go down there and also if he's serving, why would he want to go down there? As said above, he would get far better and interesting clinical exposure with a local GP or if military, a med centre in either Aldershot or Catterick garrisons.
  11. That said, the actual base there is alright, it's got the longest corridor in the world, and empty rooms are simply turned into bars!
  12. **** knows why he wants to go down there, maybe a penguin fetish, *shrug*

    Anyway, TVM for your help.
  13. There arent any penguins at MPA.
  14. Got a mate down there at present, to fly there and back will cost the thick end of 2000 quid and in october last he had to go via Madrid, Chile, stopover, internal Chile flight, then FI, not the quickest trip ever.
    If that doesn't put him off PM me and I will send you a contact e-mail for my mate to see what he knows. He does some work in the hospital there.