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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Furryturd, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. According to various websites the South Atlantic medal was only for those who served down south in 1982.

    I was certain that those posted down there until early 84 got the gong without the rosette. Is my memory wrong?

    spelling corrected.
  2. Only 1982. I believe the ones without the rosette were for those outside the exclusion zone.
  3. Google is your friend:

    The South Atlantic Medal was introduced to recognise service during the conflict that occured between British and Argentinian forces on the Falkland and South Georgia Islands. The date period being 2 April to 12 July 1982.

    The curpo-nickel medal is 36 millimetres in diameter. The obverse side (shown above) has the crowned profile of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse side has a laurel weath below the arms of the Falkland Islands with "SOUTH ATLANTIC MEDAL" inscribed around the top-half of the reverse side. The ribbon is composed of a watery blue, white and green; a similar arrangement to the World War Two Atlantic Star medal.

    No clasps were issued with the medal, but rosette was used to indicate a person's presence in the immediate Falkland's area.
    Qualification Requirements

    Without Rosette:

    A period of service of 30 days or more in the South Atlantic, south of 7 degress South and north of 60 degrees South, between the inclusive dates of 2 April and 12 June 1982. The 30 days service period did not have to be consective days.

    With Rosette:

    A period of service of 1 or more days in the Falkland Islands, or their South Atlantic dependencies, or in a zone between 35 degrees South and 60 degrees South, or in any operational aircraft sorties out of Ascension Island between the inclusive dates of 2 April and 14 June 1982; the 14 June being the date of the Argentine Forces ceased fire on East Falkland.

    South Altlantic Medal

  4. PS Furry did you mean FALKLANDS?

  5. I know the answer that Google gives but I wanted to see whether my memory is wrong.

    I was certain that some guys who went down in 1983 got the gong but without rosette.
  6. Even those who went down south on the clear-up operation immediately afterwards got nothing. And quite rightly so.
  7. I went down in June 83 and there were guys there before me, who say they got the medal but had to do 90 days or something similar. Come to think of it, there were guys in Woolwich in '82 who never left London but got the South Atlantic Medal. How, I have no idea but I have seen them with it.
  8. Yes it was awarded to some UK based personel- The MOD spokesman springs to mind.
  9. No-one would have been eligible for the medal after mid June 1982 as the qualifying period ran out around mid July. You had to serve 30 days to receive it. Some of those based at Northwood and others who directed the war from afar would have been eligible.
  10. I think it was the Jocks who went down after the fighting, doing the clear up they got nothing, neither did one of our guys who went down their just after.
  11. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    If you were at Woolwich in those days you will know that there was a Comcen in the barracks near the skill at arms wing.
    I believe that this was tied in to Northwood.

    BTW, quite a lot of MOD civil servants got the medal (sans rosette) as well and they never set foot outside of London during the conflict.
  12. Well that seems to answer that one. My memory is shot.
  14. From my memory only the ones who went South for the beano got the medal, all at Assention and outside the exclusion zone got the medal and withing the zone they got the medal with rosette. As to troops back in MOD or Northolt they didn't get any thing unless they were decorated for their part in the Operation and that appeared in the honours list, certainly my old man got his C in the New years list and was down days after it ended to oversee reconstruction of the airfield and accomodation after the ease springs and endex.

    As to the Queens Own Highlanders who went down to Garrison they got nothing, other than crap accomodation, penguins and a lot of guard duties, not forgetting area cleaning which Jocks do well, not sure if the kerb stones were painted blue white blue, but woudn't be at all surprised!
  15. Today it has been announced that the South Atlantic Medal without Rosette has been awarded to ANY service personal who served in the Falklands and these are the qualifying dates.
    The qualifying period for the award of the South Atlantic Medal without the Rosette will be extended from 12 July to 21 October 1982.