Falklands fuel question

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ayrmale, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know how much fuel was used by the British during the Falklands War?.

    I know the Yanks gave us 12.5million gallons, I am trying to ascertain what % of the total fuel used that was.
    Needless to say, I am in a friendly discussion on another (American) forum with someone who believes that the British 'relied' on US fuel (from Ascension) during the conflict.
  2. I think we can safely say that no one knows how much fuel was used during the Falklands War.

    You might want to try and break it down a bit...

    Fuel for all the airframes that operated out of Wideawake might be one category. Uncle Sam provided most of this.

    Then there's the fuel that the Fleet used. This probably came from lots of sources - what it set sail with, what the RFAs replenished them with (where did they get it?)... Was the fuel that the Sea Harriers burned of US origin? Probably not.

    I suspect that the petrol that the Blues and Royals had in their CVR(T) did not come from the US.

    Hexamine Fuel - ditto.

    Show again.

  3. **** me, you must be a barrell of laughs to be caught in a broken lift with!
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  4. They probably billed us for supplies from Yank stocks. Are you breaking it down to Petrol, diesel, Naval oil, aviation.
  5. I didn't start the thread, FFS! If I was stuck in a lift, I could think of more interesting things to talk about...
  6. How do you know that the yanks "gave" us 12.5 million gallons? or did they sell it to us.
  7. If you're after aviation fuel figures, ask on the mil board of PRuNe. There's bound to be some aging dullard SCAFite who'll have the figures written down in a little ledger on his bookshelf.
  8. Very disappointing for the Argentine intelligence agencies - they must have thought it would be a real doddle when they put together their "black hat" version of a re-invasion plan!
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I can hear the slide rule going now.

    I was there in 89 andd IIRC it was a queer set up with fuel etc.
    All refuelling was done by underground pipes attached to platforms which conected hoses to the aircraft.
    The Americans officially own the airfield under lend lease.
    This fuel went through their system.

    When we were doing the Phantom turnaround they used road tanks and were filed at the normal BFI

    As visiting aircraft came in they had a carnet (sp) card which was like a credit cars
    If you remember before chip and pin you stcuk in a machine with a paper ran it over the card got an imprint of teh card pilot signs
    Card gets handed in and respective nation billed.
    There were actually ownly two US Servicemen on the Airfield (think RAF oficer ON u.s. base in England) and some NASA personell.
    Both BFI's were replenished by a super tanker.

    I suspect what happened was similler to Cyprus in GW1.

    RAF and Navy fly loads of kit down there are no Brits previously on the Island.
    Fuel that is already on the Island is used to refuel kit as required
    Navy and RAF go down and kick **** as required
    Sail / fly back and use remaning fuel
    After hosilities we replenish fuel and arrange airbridge RAF detachment arrive to run airbridge and tankers etc are brought in.
    In Cyprus every nation flew something in USAF / RAF / RCAF / Spanish AF etc etc

    12.5 million galons isn't alot when you think a Victor would take 21,000 Gallons at a pop
    12 off them going out to refuel a Vulcan it soon eats it up.
  10. Being as the good old USA didn't bother their jacksies to let us know the Latinos were paddling their pablos over to invade, I would hazard we didn't get that much. There was major grief between US and UK over who was going to step down and I rather think Maggie god bless her Imperial Majesty stole the day.
    So fuel, not a lot.
  11. I heard it all went down on the Conveyor anyway...
  12. The Conveyor wouldnt have been carrying much POL surely? Only what was in the tanks of some of the vehicles, poss.
  13. The total fuel usage was 117.89 million gallons and next time do your own research.
  14. Half of Bicester went down on the Conveyor.
  15. can you subdivide that into Petrol, Diesel, Oil. Aviation etc?