Falklands flag flies over No10.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. Have the FIDF liberated us from the Europeans?
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  2. Apologise if this is elsewhere but did anyone listen to Jeremy Vine's discussing/debating handing back the FI if it improved trade!
  3. Handing back? To who? The Argentinians never had it.....well, just briefly for a couple of months, but that doesn't count.
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  4. Falkland Islands: Downing Street flies Falkland's flag on anniversary of end of war - Telegraph

    How embarrassing would it be if they voted to become Argies? (I know it won't happen, but....)
  5. Er ... you sure about that? I thought they had 'em knicked by the Frogs and then we relieved them from the Frogs in a fair fight.
  6. Nah,that's just called trespassing. ;-)
  7. What are they teaching them in Argentina? That we pitched up mob handed in 17whatever, galavanted around the islands like the Waffen SS and herded thousands of Argentinean settlers in to floating cattle trucks before establishing a thousand-year British colonial reich? There's more than a few in the UK who seem to think this is what we did. There was **** all there - not even sheep - and we got there before Argentina was even invented. If anyone's got any claim, it's the French. If countries are going to get all hot and sweaty about sovereignty over islands because they just happen to be 'nearby' (250nm), then France could legitimately claim sovereignty over us and the bogtrotters. That'd never happen... would it?
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  8. No, but equally we'd have a claim over them ... and we most certainly wouldn't want that!
  9. On the upside,Mrs KFC is very cross that the flag was flown over No 10.
  10. This whole thing is beginning to piss me off tremendously. Why don't we put in a counter claim, on behalf of the Falkland Islanders, for ownership of Argentina? And don't tell me that the islands are relatively too small to make such a claim, that is a sizeist argument.

    Or, maybe the Islanders should just wait until their oil money starts coming in and then they can buy Argentina - that's if they want it. With all the political problems Argentina has had over the past 50 years the place prolly isn't worth the cash equivalent of a Lagos hand job anyway.
  11. The wouldn't be same French who sold Exocet to Argentina, and the operational details for the same to us, would it? the slippery bastards.
  12. Nelson had it right:

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  13. They were temporarily squatting, even Occupy London recent efforts here put them to shame.

    Never mind, a good kick up the backside sent them home with their tail between their legs...
  14. I do, I do. They invented the beret.

    I don't mind that Nicole from the Clio ads, though. Nor that Sophie Marceau. Catharine Deneuve's (still) not bad. Bardot was a cracker. Laetitia Casta. Isabelle Adjani... So, just the blokes we hate then? Sorted. Vive la difference.
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