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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Seeing as its now 25 years since Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, does anyone know if there will be any TV channels showing films like Tumbledown and An Ungentlemanly Act? Also any documentaries, seem to remember a few years back catching a Falklands one which was a good 3 hours long which was very good. If anyone spots anything in the TV listings give us a heads up here.

  2. There may be some fabrication from Channel 4 or perhaps BBC showing the Brits doing something utterly nasty and unBritish in the pipeline.......who knows eh?
  3. I had'nt thought of that angle, Im sure they will screen something about 3 para cutting off ears or such!
  4. ITV4 tonight at 2100, Falklands 25, A Soldier's Story.

    It does clash with Baby Faced Body Builders but I'll still watch it.

    All info courtesy of Digiguide so there's only a 50% chance of it being accurate.
  5. BBC2 tonight at 2100hrs. (Mon 02 April).

    Time watch - Remember The Galahad

  6. Not that it helps, but there were a couple sunday night by BBC South and ITV - quite good, I had forgotten about just how much of a sh!te hole those brave liberaters of las malvinos had left the place in before they scarpered!
  7. I did see on Video in 88/89 (While at college) a film called "Assault on Top Marlow - spelling!)

    Its about the MAWC Assault on a farmhouse.

    From what I remember it was very good.

    Google Video - Not the above but others


    The Falklands made me want to join up, my 2nd cousin was in 42 Cdo, and I remember going to Southampton to welcome them all home.

  8. Keep an eye out for the infamous 'The Falklands Play' by Ian Curteis. Originally dropped by the BBC in 1986 but resurrected in 2006 on digital TV and radio 4.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0dcyhTJi_E

    oh dear... im speachless and by the looks of it, the ozzys where fighting the war for us...

    silly spams take on the falklands war... they even get one of 'THEM' to talk to them... how did they manage that?
  10. I have just bought Tumbledown. Very good and the issues it raises are very poignant today.

    I would like to see the various documentaries about Simon Weston again.
  11. An Ungentlemanly Act was a superb black comedy with enough realism to make it believable.

    Ian Richardson (RIP) was masterful as Rex Hunt.

    If they don't show it, I'm buying the DVD.
  12. Mummy's War being repeated on More 4 2200hrs tonight.
  13. Slight topic deviation, but I have just started reading 'Razors Edge' by Hugh Bicheno.

    Only a chapter in and I am loving it. Superbly right-wing and he has an amusing turn of phrase.

    The members would like it.

    Do not, under any circumstances buy any of the 'Line of Fire’ series DVD's.

    An endless reiteration of Falklands 'myth' by a couple of Sandhurst civvie 'experts', neither of whom has ever spent a night in the field, judging by the absolute rubbish they spout. (The British uniforms and equipment were the best in the world? Where do they get these guys!)

    The narration is full of the usual incorrect names and ranks and is at best aimed at GCSE students.

    They are quite unintentionally amusing also: The dramatic title sequence list the famous battles in the series. Without diminishing the suffering of our (and their) lads, at Goose Green or Tumbledown, they sit rather incongruously between Waterloo and Stalingrad!
  14. Crap. Just bought it today.

    There was a good talk by Julian Thompson at the National Army Museum though, and he's brought out a new version of No Picnic to coincide with the anniversary. Got it signed as well.