Falklands Film - Blessed by Fire. Anyone seen this?

I found this on You Tube, a Falklands film from the Argentine point of view (made in Argentina too) and with a bigger budget than has so far been spent by UK film companies on the subject.


Has anyone seen it and more importantly is it any good? Or is it just another load of 'They're ours, give them back' flag waving nonsense?
I have seen it in the original Spanish, and a right difficult feckin accent they have. Original title is 'Illuminados por el Fuego'.
It is far from being a flag-waver and is actually a film highlighting the plight of the Malvinas Veterans and shows up the military regime rather badly.
The fim starts with an ex-veteran committing suicide, though he ends up on life-support and his best mate at the hospital starts to remember. The film proceeds through flashbacks and shows three young conscripts how they experienced the war, and how they were treated by the macho officer who despised them. One of them gets field punishment and is pegged out in the rain and cold, a totally inhumane treatment of their men.
Don't expect a lot of action, though the brief scenes I think are extremely well done showing the confusion and fear that the bewildered young men felt.

The film is to make you think about what happened and why, and is very anti-militaristic. You watch it and think 'poor sods they should never have been asked to face that'.

Very well worth watching and I think that you will be surprised to be feeling sympathy for the individuals and despising the system that put them there.

If you want another opinion I know that Adjutant has seen it.
Is this the one where they win all the battles and that argie lad gets caught by a few paras and gets mistreated etc?
I read 'Mates and Muchachos' years ago and was often shocked at just how badly their conscripts were treated by their officers and full time NCO s, in fact I was watching a documentary the other day when one Argentine veteran was talking about how a friend of his was killed and he'd only been in the army for 1 month!!
He did say however that the British forces treated him and his comrades far better than their own leaders did when they were taken PoW.
callum13 said:
Is this the one where they win all the battles and that argie lad gets caught by a few paras and gets mistreated etc?
No. Quite the opposite.

Speedy this highlights what you read.