Falklands Exped: help required.

Hi all!

Im a Officer Cadet from Bristol UOTC, im part of an exped to the Islands in July, our intention is to visit and pay our respect at as many of the battlefields as possible. We will be tabbing from San Carlos back to Stanley via Goose Green, and although none of us were even born at the time, the actions of the heroes that went there has our total admiration.

My point however is, we are lacking somewhat in detailed knowledge on the campaign itself, we are aware of the tragedies of the Sir Galahad, the VC's, the tabs, tumbledown, etc. But what would be best would be to speak directly to those who were there, as it would bring a personal side to the trip and make it an even more rewarding experience. So could people get in touch or even just post any stories they may have, as the more background knowledge we have the better. (or even if you have any suggestions that might be a better way to go about it!)

Also, can anyone recommend books to read? so far have read

"With 3Para to the Falklands" by G. Colbeck
and "The Battle for the Falklands" by M. Hastings & S. Jenkins

Basically, any help will be much appreciated!


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I'd recommend reading.

'Goose Green a battle is fought to be won' by Mark Adkin.

'3 Para: Mount Longdon' by Jon Cooksey

'No Picnic, 3 Commando Brigade in the Falklands' by Major General Julian Thompson.
We have a Falklands Guide who would be very happy to help.

He is a Falklands Veteran and is leading our tour in November as well as some walking tours we have scheduled next year.

Check you PM for a contact number for me
first good luck to you!

I was stationed there in 84 and then again in 94 and during my second tour decided to do more than just the 'half day trip' around the various battle sites. I took a 10 man party from Ajax Bay over to Darwin and Goose Green and thenanother 8 guys for another 5 day trip from Port Sans Carlos to Stanley. We did it with miltary kit only ie no tents just basha etc. The thing is it is really bad bad country. Things may have changed regarding comms so you will need to check but I took 2 HF radios as VHF was out of range, also GPS didn't work - not enough satellites. underfoot is hard work with the 'babies heads' grass tufts etc and the rock rivers are easy-injury sites. All in all it is the best and only way to appreciate what the Paras and Marines went through and remember they went in winter and were under fire!

As to the battle sites, see also Rick Jolly's Ajax Bay battle field tour -He visited and rewrote it in 93 which is what sparked us to do the trip. I also got each team member to study one battle each and he led the actual tour when we reached each site such Estancia House, Longdon etc

pm me if you need anymore
Thanks guys for all the messages, the research sides of things is coming together well, its certainly helping having a history student as one of the expedition! For all who have pm'd me, i will respond to all, as im most appreciative, just been a bit busy with end of year uni exams! So please dont think im being rude!

Again, thanks for the help! But keep it coming!
Alot of people forget that it was fought in winter time in the south Atlantic..many think of it as spring/summer time because it was fought in April/may.

A short but hard war.
For background reading, rather than the actual battle details try:

"The Red and Green Life Machine" - Rick Jolly ( as mentioned by y_l above)


"Don't Cry for Me Sergeant Major" Hands and McKeown, the story of 2 reporters covering the war.

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