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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 10055991, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I don't know where I should post this but Infantry seems as good a place as any to start

    I was wondering if you could help me or perhaps point me in the direction of where I can get some information.

    I am in my 3rd year of university and about to embark on my dissertation. I have decided to title my work


    I have started researching only this week and so have found all of the necessary published journals and books on the war in the Falklands (I think), yet I was wondering if there were any other forms of research you could advise me to pursue such as good exhibitions to visit or testimonials from contemporary soldiers, even perhaps pass my email to ex servicemen who wouldn’t mind being interviewed for the subject.

    Thanks for reading and if there’s any information you think could help I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. This is a very well written about conflict, it will be difficult to do an original piece of work on it.
  3. Try getting in touch with the Regimental museum or the imperal war museum for what they have.

    Also try having a look through this Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE) might be something.
  4. I started looking just at the Falklands and noticed that (as far as University essays and journals go anyway) the majority of work was on marines and the navy.

    Combat stress and such is also heavily researched but that's not what I wanted to look at as I wanted to something on the actual events and not the aftermath.

    My tutor signed off the title reworked with the Parchute Regiment as my focus so that I'd be more original???!!??

    Am I
  5. Thanks, I know the National Army Museum have a good exhibition yet that was the only one I knew of so thanks for that
  6. The problem as I see it is that the Parachute Regiment was employed along with RM and everyone else as normal Infantry. In such a short conflict it would be difficult to show that their role was more or less significant than anyone else's. They fought where they fought because that's where they were. You can write another history but everyone on Corporate played a significant role.
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  7. Please don't take me wrong - I'm not trying to imply that they played a less or more significant role, it's purely a research essay in the confines of the title. I do not plan on comparing their contribution to the contribution of any other group. I'm just trying to get a good grade :)
  8. I'm not trying to say you're not, it's just that there are many accounts of the role they played and I don't see how you can do an original piece of work from such a short conflict.
  9. I thought all research (and thus the title) had to be in the form of a question. What's your degree mate?
  10. History. I was looking at a title with a question but was told there was no need. I was actually grateful that I don't have to answer a question - just give a detailed account of the contribution they made as it makes it easier for me after all. I'm actually doing a segment of oral history in it too hence the need for testimony and written accounts from soldiers that were there
  11. You may want to treat any responses you get on this forum with caution. The cap badge rivalries and jealousies can quickly skew any thread.

    As to whether the Parachute Regiment played a significant part in the operation the fact that they fought in 3 of the 6 major actions while only providing 25% of the major units suggest they did, as to the reasons for that, well I suppose that will be the essence of your dissertation.
  12. 2 Para and Goose Green have been well covered in books such as "Goose Green A Battle Fought to be Won" by Mark Adkin, A Soldiers Song" by Ken Lukowiak, "Blood, Guts and Glory on the Falklands Frontline" by John Geddes, H Jones VC The Life and Death of an Unusual Hero" by Sir John Wilsey

    3 Para on Longdon covered in "The Green Eyed Boys" by Christian Jennings, "Excursion to Hell" by Vincent Bramley and "The Two Sides of Hell" by Bramley again. and "Forward into Hell" another Bramley job

    As well as being covered in detail in lots of other Falkland war accounts I think you will struggle with this. I would have picked a less well known and less written about unit to look at maybe a dissertation title such as "The Impact and Operational use of British Armoured Vehicles during the Falklands War". or " 26 Mobile Laundry Detachment and the value of moral and clean underpants"? But if it's been picked and agreed the Parachute Regiment it will have to be? Good Luck
  13. msr should still have a copy of the Powerpoint Presentation I sent him. Please PM him, and if he has deleted it, tell him to prepare to die.

    My Classroom 2 was standing room only when the chap came over to present everything, and I sort of "Kingo'd" his Powerpoint AND E-MAILED IT TO MSR. Albeit, it took 3 full e-mails to get it through, but he said it worked.

    The chap in question was a Para Full Screw or Sgt when they took Goose Green, and he ended up as a Major. Can someone help me out with his name here please?

    I know, I'm stupid for not keeping it on a DVD for myself. Don't hurt me, I'll hurt you back. I didn't think I'd need it again.


    What's his name? It will be annoying me all night, and I am tired enough.
  14. I know there's have been accounts written on it and as I said in the original post I have gotten the books on order and have read through the journals and even scoured the commons debates at the time for reasoning on which batallions were being utilised in which part of the island (even if it ends up being uneccessary). The body of work I want to produce has the need for testimony in it etc and I will be looking at it from various angles so that my work will be original insofar as it's my own work. I'm not looking to write a radically new piece of work as it's not a thesis, I just wondered if there were any places people would advise I visit, or people who'd be willing to be interviewed or anywhere that has original letters and communications on display by the people who fought that's all. Thanks though for your help
  15. In my opinion the definitive work is "Razors Edge" by Hugh Bicheno, additional material for 3 Para, Graham Colbeck's "With 3 Para to the Falklands" and the more tabloid " 3 Para, Mount Longdon, The Bloodiest Battle" by Jon Cooksey.

    There is also "Two Sides of Hell" again by Bramley which gives and Argentine perspective.

    "Not Mentioned In Despatches" by Spencer Fitz- Gibbons gives another view of Goose Green.

    Have you been in touch with the Airborne Assault Museum in Duxford? SAMA82?

    I sure JOC will be along sometime and may be able to help.
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