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Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by cbmick02, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Ladies Gents.
    I'm an ex RAF Bloke and onlong with a few other Brits Ive been conversing with members of an Argentine website about the Falklands Conflict. Now being RAF I know naff all about the Army's role in the Falklands apart from what I've read.
    So along with my mate from the Navy we are a little lost when we get asked questions about Army events in the conflict. At the moment we have Argentine Artillery guys looking to find out who was shelling them? So if you are interested come and have a visit. The website is laid out like ARRSE and is translated into English/Spanish a short while after you type in your entry.

  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The RA troops involved in the Falklands were:

    29 Commando Regt RA
    29 Battery RA
    T Battery 12 RA
    43 Battery RA
    97 Battery RA
    21 Battery RA
    132 Battery RA
    49 Battery RA
    16 RA
    148 Battery RA
  3. 148 Battery are 148 Commando FO Battery RA and are part of 29 Commando Regiment.
  4. 55/49 Fld also sent an Op party with a few spares over there.
  5. One of my former colleagues was in the Falklands with RM. He was a sniper. Claimed he was artillery spotting using an early satellite phone for comms, having infiltrated behind their lines, spent some time holed up directing fire.

  6. As did 143/49 Fld. Henry huffs a bit and says Tombs were there as well!

  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The 12 Regiment website (www.12regtra.com) says that the regiment sent two batteries down south - but not which ones. I know that T (Shah Shujah's Troop) Battery went, and I presume that the other was 9 (Plassey) Battery.

    They were kept busy punching clouds during the landings
  8. As someone on the receiving end, the Argentine Artillery, supported by Op's , was pretty effective. I have heard that when the surrender came, each one of our 105's was down to a few rounds, and due to the Atlantic Conveyor going down, reserves were some way off! Anyone confirm this ?
  9. I was listening in to the arty net with the 4 Fd Regt Int Section when the white flags went up. I don't recall any mention of them being short of rounds. The FOs were still calling in FMs right up to the end without any problems.

    IIRC the FOs were even dropping rounds off target to encourage the opposition to stick their heads out of their trenches to see what what was happening before calling in an FM on them.

  10. IIRC, it was Dinger Bell, Smudge, Stretch, Legs, Bom Harris, Captain Ponson Smythe, Biscuits Brown, Ted Heath....

    Ohh the list is endless.

    Didn't the Andy do a bit of NGS?
  11. If it was 4th Regt and the lads from 97 Bty, they were probably dropping rounds off to the side, letting the Argies stick their heads up, then running over and beating them with pick helves and shovels for the fun of it!!

    Spent about 6 years at 4th from 90 onwards and they're a fine bunch of lads.

  12. Thanks Rodney, I remember a lot of Fm's that last night, and presumably a bit of counter-battery fire . I think I heard about the severe shortage of rounds years later, presumably bollox, then? Saying that, we probably could'nt have gone many more days at the level of the last night.
  13. You're probably right on that last point - they were slinging it all over the place. I suspect however that it was deliberately done to keep the Argies off balance and under pressure all the time. I would assume that the arty and HQ staffs were keeping tabs on the ammunition states and would have had a cut off point at which the guns would have had to cease firing.

    I'd never actually thought about this before - our options would have been a bit limited if we'd run out of 105mm HE. My SMG and 150 rnds of 9mm wouldn't have lasted long!

    8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

  14. Where did that list come from?

    4th Field Regiment provided the tac HQ and FDC for 5th Airmnobile brigade. 97 and 29 Battery were part of 4th Field Regiment. 97 landed with only one dial sight.

    What is the evidence that 49 battery took part in the Falklands Campaign? They were a Medium battery of 27 Regiment in Lippstadt in 1982, having just left 40 Fd Regt when their three batteries arms plotted to Colchester. "Britains Small wars" lists a BC and OP party from 49 Field Regiment. (But it also includes 137 battery and 16 AD regiment who as far as I recall did not arrive until after the war was over. No Falklands medals for anyone in 137 as far as I recall.

  15. Lol, I did mention "spares" HT.. :D