Falklands anyone (armrs)

Discussion in 'REME' started by Talibanfingahunter, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. Hi (armrs)
    I have been spammed for a tour (sorry posting) to the falklands in September, wouldnt of minded but i have just come back from afghan in april, an i signed off back in june. so should be entiltled to spend (atleast) remaining 6 months in camp.

    But the miserable bint in glasgow refuses to traul for anyone else. i have the full support from my CoC in LAD and the BHQ.

    postings for full screw strippy. armourer class 1
  2. full support from my CoC in LAD and the BHQ.

    Meaning that they are annoyed that I got pinged in the first place an that I can't get out of it.
  3. If you do go have a wander about Port Pleasant with a metal detector and a big shovel prodding the ground vigourously
  4. Will do, everyone I mention it to says it's a wicked place, I really wanted to go a few years back, but I'm afraid I'm a welfare case now an can't go, stupid bint of an ex wife is the bane of my life.
  5. Don't forget to stamp your name on the edge of the worktable by the grinder.

    Edit: and nobody will believe you if you put your location on the door as the gym.
  6. Never mind Mike.
  7. We're a bit thin on the ground in Armourersville at the moment - so that's probably why the trawl for others isn't going to your satisfaction. (If she reads this it will probably come to a full stop!) :)

    As for your last 6 months in camp - It doesn't take that long to de-kit does it!?! Have you thought about deferring your end date a couple of months to give you time to square your stuff away or is your date set in stone?

    I'd love to come pop out and cover the tour for you but unfortunately I'm not allowed within 50 meters of a penguin; bloody CCTV cameras! ;-)
  8. I need to be out well in advance of September as I am going to uni (gonna be a teacher) an I will gave to sit a formal interview with the course loading body before I attend the course. This is what I have been trying to explain to the girl in Glasgow otherwise I would push my ROD to the right.

    It dint matter if she does read this, she ain't doing jack About it.
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  9. There was another bloke who called me mike, I ain't mike, honestly.
  10. Bugger! (I shall have a looky round and see if anyone's liver is up for some damage.) Good luck with the teaching!
  11. I assume you're not going to teach English?
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  12. What course is it?
  13. Not wishing to be rude, but that information is irrelevant to my predicament.

    No not English although it was a consideration of mine.
  14. **** off Tierney - how many times do i need to tell you
  15. Joey.

    You are correct I am this odious character Tierney.
    However it would be very much appreciated if you kept this information between ourselves.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yours Mr M Tierney aka superwalt.