Falklands anniversary

Sat at my desk, I was handed a message to deal with 'FLASH', i wass the first person in England to read of the event, overtime became normal.
I was in BAOR. My former battalion were down there though. Just before I left them I had been a patrol commander in South Armagh with them. I picked up a Soldier magazine in the NAAFI in Hildesheim to check on their progress and found that two of “my” guys had been killed on Mount Longden.


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Did we have a padre there too?
42 Commando's padre (Albert) had several water bottles on his webbing that contained various spirits. He was always invited over to your trench / shellscrape for a wet which he added to from his belt.
All round good egg who had to shave his full set off on the way down...
RN Padres dont have a rank, although always called Sir and treated with respect.


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I have nothing to add to the above photo.

Damned if I know why I have not seen this one before.

I spent a morning in Browning Bks Guardroom as a sprog for not saluting Chris Keeble and a few others ( long khaki raincoats with no rank shown )

Les Riley was a Cpl Trg NCO when I went through Depot in 1975 and was a quietly spoken Yorkie instantly worthy of respect bloke.

Anyway - this is a good bit of Op Corporate stuff if you have'nt seen it


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I worked with the lad rear left on the Stretcher, bearing the guy with his lower leg blown off. He was our Civi Storeman at RAF St Athan, 2 Sqn hanger.
I was chatting to him about my posting down there, when he told me he'd been down there in the War and I might have seen him on the telly. I must admit, I checked the footage after he told me to see if it was him.

Ordinary lads, doing extraordinary feats, before disappearing back into the ordinary.