Falklands 82 Tab info required

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by glenngarth, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Me and a couple of the lads are planning a trek. We're attempting to recreate the tab/yomp across East Falkland.

    This is very much at the planning research/stage. Currently we don't know how far we want to take the recreation with regards to kit, but what we do want to get right is the distances travelled and the weight of kit carried.

    I've looked through several of my own books and on the internet, but I've not been able to find much specific on the weight of kits carried. I'm also after as much detail as possible of the distances travelled and time taken to complete various sections of the march. If anyone knows where I could a good scale map detailing the marches this would be great.

    Also, we'll be doing this in the UK. Has anyone got any ideas on where would best match the Falklands terrain.

    Any info or tips regards this will be much appreciated.

    Cheers Glenn
  2. Is this for raising money or just a reenactment?

    If for charity, plot a similar terrain route with mapmyrun or similar and do it in Wales, getting to the falklands is expensive.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    IIRC Paras tabbed in fighting order and left their large packs for a move forward later
    RM yomped with everything including large packs

    Vincent Bramley's Excursion to Hell details the tab 3 Para did quite well
  4. Try Dartmoor, and Pararegtom would be the best to ask
  5. That would have been my next step Scarletto, but Id like to know if this is an honourable cause, or pretenderers, pretendering.
  6. impossible to recreate, you need the terrible weather and urgency, plus the not knowing when it was going to end, just head down arse up,
    and also what was going to happen at the end, March or Die,,, :D we 3 para took fighting order just lots and lots of ammo no sleeping bags, we were told you will get them at Teal Inlet, when got to teal, we got them for one night, then set off in the morning for Estancia, where we caught up with the sleeping bags :D
    as i say even if you did the same route in the same weather, you need the urgency of war, and then the night battles.
  7. First 6 in get's the egg banjo's buckshe :lol:
  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Kit Average weight 140lbs, plus wet clothing shi te boots terrible weather and rough ground, 90% of it uphill.

    Most of the weight was ammo/mortars,s battery,s.

    very difficult to re- enact,

    good luck
  9. Caithness and parts of Sutherland are fair approximations of the weather and landscape.

    Good luck with it, and don't wear those god awful boots they gave us :)
  10. I always thought the Outer Hebrides would be a pretty fair match for the Falklands
  11. I still have a pair of DMS boots knocking about and a hairy mary too if you really want to create the comfort level of isue kit? :roll:
  12. Abergavenny to Llandielo over the top would be about the right sort of terrain as Wikham heights, I have walked from Mt Pleasent to San Carlos and it was in the summer with minimum kit and it was a barsteward
  13. Fucking large packs???? 8O
  14. 58 pattern webbing