Falklands 82. Did tin-lids get worn in combat?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Speedy, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. After flicking through a coffee table book about the task force at a freinds house the other day it suddenly occured to me that apart from tha Paras (with their own helmet type) no one else seemed to be bothering with the 'turtle' type of tin lid. There were a couple of pics of air sentries wearing them (as well as a couple without), but my question is this.
    Were tin lids actually worn during the main mountain battles? Many after action pictures show troops wearing berets, arctic hats and other assorted headwear, but nowhere can be seen the old skull destoyer.
    I also saw a picture of someone disembarking a VPL with 58 pattern complete with large pack! They were not in for a happy time IMHO!!
  2. I was stationed at Marchwood when the Task Force set sail and hell of a lot of the lads didn't even have basic kit. Not only was our QMS cleaned out but the lads on camp had to hand in a lot of their kit to be reissued. That included stupid things like mess tins, eating irons, mugs, ponchos etc.

    I was talking to some of the lads that came back on the Canberra who told me that they even had to nick the boots of Argie prisoners because their DMS boots were total shite.

  3. In the papers at that time it was said that Argie boots , all leather and Argentine/Argentinian leather at that were splendid.

    Manufacturers in England said it would have cost them £50 to produce such boots.

    Ours DMS boots with the Shredded Wheat foot insert cost about £10 .
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  6. The Scots Guards when assaulting Tumbledown, firstly found themselfs well in a mine feild on-route (so engineers sacked prodding and all advanced...ninja) and because the enemy were wearing tin lids, the commanders decided not to and go with berets to stop confusion
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