Falklands 25

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by wheelchairwarrier, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Good news - no doubt Labour will see this as some form of excuse for good PR. Personally, I believe the British Public will really get together on this, and the government would do well not to use this for their own gain. It is not about the government, but the demands, bravery and sacrifice made by ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances - something which precious few in the government can even comprehend.

    Unlike our current operations, The Falklands War is commonly perceived by many, as the last time that British Forces were used legitimately in defence of British Sovereign territory.

    I am sure that many people reading this thread were inspired to join the armed forces as a result of the sucess of the Falklands task force. So, let's all hope for fine weather and the very best commemoration of those who played their' part, and particularly for the families of those killed or injured during 1982.

    It will be their day, and so it should.
  2. Sadly, Nu Lab has decreed it will be spun and a celebration for all, not a celebration of a Brit win.
  3. Wouldn't it be racist if we see the Falklands as a victory? What about all the Argies currently residing in the UK? We don't want to upset them do we? Obviously muslims in this country will also be upset because Britain won!
  4. How wonderful for Nu Labour to have a nice big celebration to make themselves look good. A pity it's too late for the 300 ex sericemen who returned from the Falklands and have since taken their lives.
    RIP fellas.
  5. Good point - well made. If the Labour party (or any other political organisation) tries to "market" the event for their' own ends, I hope that various journalists hold them to account, and counter with the banner question of why they are doing it. As I put in my first post on this thread, many see the Falklands War as a legitimate use of BRITFOR - If Nu Labour does try to make themselves look good from next year's events, the Great British public may well jump down their' throats.

    For any journalists willing to post - What are your opinions in relation to this?
  6. Argentina


  7. I don't follow you! Please enlighten me.
  8. Oh, do be quiet. If you can't post anything vaguely useful then please return suddenly and soon to your window-licking duties. :x
  9. All,

    This is good to see that this conflict will be remembered. Yes it was a victory on our behalf and also a sad loss on both sides for the unfortunate people that died or were left injured both physically as well as mentally.

    I don’t see that it will be rubbing the Argentineans nose in the proverbial as the basis of the argument was with the Argentine government and not with the general populace at the time. I would imagine most Argentineans that live within the UK understand this.

    Unfortunately in any situation like this with a victory being celebrated or remembered there are going to be some people that will try and say that it should not be done lest someone gets upset.

    I think as a nation we have a right to celebrate/commemorate/remember something that is a part of the history of this country. The Falklands was the last event that really pulled the UK together and really defined what the UK was about. For this alone it is worth remembering.

    But the fact of the matter a little flag waving will not go amiss to help us remember the people that set sail to defend a part of the UK that many had not even heard of whatever the historical and political reasons.

    So I myself will spare a thought for all the casualties of the conflict whatever their nationality and run a Union Jack up the company flag pole as a tribute to everyone that was involved or bore the brunt of waiting at home for news.

    And if anybody tells me to take it down I shall politely tell them to fornicate off.
  10. on this one I think the NuLiarber Govt would do well to stay out of the way and let the Vets get on with it, after all it was Thatcher's and previous labour Govt that virtually gave the green light for the Argies to invade by ignoring all threats and showing disinterest in the island itself much less about the population, in short the Tory Govt took their eye off the ball and it came round to bite them in the Arrse, the Political fallout was huge and Thatcher knew she would not survive the year out if she let this go, I remember the debates and recriminations in the House of Commons especially labour opposition using it to score points.

    Govt make Wars and Soldier fight them.
  11. Anybody else want a go before I start?
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I remember watching the Armada set sail on the TV & in later years serving at MPA with the Phantom Sqn in the late 80's.
    But in all honesty I did not realise 300 lads had taken their lives since the conflict.
    Such a waste of good men.Why?
    RIP Lads.
  13. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ok then:

    He is correct