Falklands 25 Task Force Rugby

I don't know if this has already been posted elsewhere (not seen), but is hopefully of interest.

Falklands Task Force Rugby XV v Penguin International RFC

Harlequins, 16th June 2007, Kick-off 1600hrs


A Falklands Veteran and two former Army players are organising a game of Rugby Union to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands War. The Falklands 25 Task Force Trophy Match takes place at Harlequins on Saturday, 16th June 2007. Kick-off 1600 hours. This game has the full approval of the Rugby Football Union and is insured by them. The main sponsor is Hercules Group plc.

The match will be a Falklands Task Force XV - a side consisting of the current most talented Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and RAF players from the units that fought in the campaign - Versus Penguin international RFC, who will field well known names from the world of rugby. Major General Julian Thompson CB, OBE, who commanded 3 Commando Brigade during the war, will present the Falklands Task Force Trophy to the winning team.


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I might pop along and take some photos! :D


I've just spoken to the booking office at Harlequins to get another ticket to add to those I have already ordered (their online system crashed my home computer three times last night and work won't let me play either). The nice lady there tells me that tickets are not selling well. I've got posters up in the mil establishment I currently work in - what else can we do to publicise this?


I spent a few hours last night putting up posters in most of the local clubs in the area. Should get some interest. But with the season over, most players have scattered to the 4 corners of the globe until pre-season starts again.....


I've just invited a telling off for myself by posting a similar thread in the Int Cell. At least that way a few more people may read it. Might nip over to Rum Ration and E-Goat and do the same. It's a shame if it ends up being poorly attended.
I'd go but I'm under close matrimonial arrest in Devon on the date! I also have to say in keeoing with wiraman, "yes it is a gleaming choice of dates vis a vis the anniversary" but it is also a really bad time of year to schedule a rugby match. fixtures are spilling through the gate at both ends of the season and soon there will be no respite - just llook at the current crop of tour internationals populated by the halt, lame and infirm!

Right, rant over and to show I'm really one of the good guys I will compensate for my unseasonal Mr Scrooge impression by chucking a handful of loose change into the next service charity box I see...don't worry, I have big hands so that will be a sizeable donation!!


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I've just spammed everyone in the company group I work for, several hundred, mostly ex military (but sadly mainly Brylcreem Boys). Never know, maybe a few might be interested. Worst thing though, I forgot to cancel the automated notification when someone opens the email. So now I've got them coming at me faster than I can cancel them.


Nice one Cuddles - and is it a wedding anniversary perchance? If so have a good one. And you are, of course, right about the date.

Mitchthebar - ditto - most of the folk where I am are of the light blue variety, both serving and retired. Given that "RAF" is in the location title I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
No, it is in fact a holiday en famille. There are two pubs in the village - one for drinking and one for tossing around in dressed in sailing clothes so expensive, you wouldn't be able to afford a boat if you wore them! Guess where Cuddles and TFB will be carrying out CA tasks?


Slightly off the rugby track, but to mark the 25th anniversary of the Falklands war, Mark Knopfler has been back to the studio and has re-recorded an absolutely stunning version of Brothers In Arms. It's called Brothers In Arms 25 and is available from itunes and other download sites. It is also available on cd from the official site Here. All proceeds go to SAMA 82. I heard it played at a re-union and ordered 2 copies as soon as I got home and sobered up. Good effort Mark and the whole team who put this together and made it work.

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