falklands+24hr shift+command post+hung over=suicide watch

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fruitbat119, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Spending time in the falklands, may in itself seem pretty easy considering what else is happening in the world.
    However due to a severe c0ck up in manning we have been forced to provide a 24hr shift, which I'm not too happy to say I am on.
    Apart from being a depressing tour as it is.
    Any thoughts on how to prevent suicide ?
    masturbation is not an option.
  2. I find that its a good idea to get hold of any old Pink Floyd Album (Dark Side of the Moon etc) and just listen to it for hours on end, always puts a smile on my face :wink:
  3. pink floyd sounds good, J.J.S just rifled through the cd collection not here :( can I borrow yours ?
  4. you have ARRSE...what more could you possibly need! Thousands of bezzers just a keyboard tap away :D
  5. Nip onto internet at WRVS then Go for a game of footy in that brilliant gym followed by a swim. Then get dressed nip down Crab and sprocket get initiated through the fat b'stard sprocket followed by a few more bars on the way to Timmy's. Stagger back to Puckered star fish illegal bar run by the navy which was on my old corridor in 2001 then back to your room for a wank about 5am. What more do you want.
  6. Ahhh B.B you just made me smile :)
    T.I would'nt be a problem, there some good suggestions there. Unfortunatly still suffering the wrath of last nights alcohole abuse. :cry:
    Ah DVD's ahoy me thinks :D
  7. You sound like you know from experience, but i feel for the poor bloke that got your mattress :p :wink:
  8. Fruitbat...you 1Rifles?
  9. No he's Artillery...
    Stag on Fruity..... :donut:
  10. DwtD...update on WW on his thead :D
  11. Cheers BB... :D
  12. Thanx for clearing that one up for me D.w.t.d, finally finnished the shift and needed to go for a lay down :)