Falkland visit advice please

I am thinking of going to the Falkland in the Winter (Summer there)
Can you tell me the cheapest way of getting there if you have been before.

The RAF flight is something like £1200 which is a lot of money, I understand it flies for something like 24 hours with a fuel stopover at Ascension Island, there must be a cheaper way of doing it if there is a weblink that would be great.

If there is nothing then may have to bite the bullet and pay the £1200 and make the distance and time worthwhile by going there for 2 weeks with not just War tours do some Nature tours as well.

Many Thanks
IIRC, the only other flights to the FI are from Puenta Arenas (sp?) in Chile. You'd have to fly to santiago, then get a connection to puenta arenas, then to MPA. Not sure of cost but won't be cheap i'd imagine.

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