Falkland Islands

My unit are ready (well both of us) willing and able to defend the islands at a moments notice.

Wont happen unfortunately. Wars have to be organized by the UN, with US approval and US backing. Of course that would benefit us enormously.Despite Bliars attempts at ruining the armed forces, I dont believe the Argies have the ability, knowledge, backing and support for another bloody nose.
If there going to go to war this would be the best time for them to strike with the army so overstretch and before the navy recieves any more new ships. We would still kick there ass off course. But the question is would Blair go to war over the Falklands.
Has the Yank puppet got the stomach for it ?

The iron Lady has, but then she would never have kicked the bo11ocks out of the services in the first place so the question of overstretch would not have been a issue !!!!!
We are overstretched but the navy and RAF could certainly make life a lot easier for the army to move in quietly and re-imposed british sovereignty, should the case need.

I am sure Bliar woult not want to, but can you imagine the gutter press. for once it might support its troops.
Does anyone really think Bliar has got the balls to go to war to defend UK citizens and soveriegn teritory when george dubya might not be interested or opposed to. I regret to say i dont think so... Our forces have especially the Navy have been systematically run down, theres no see harriers for air defence over the fleet, the numbers of frigates and destroyers and frgates and everything else has been cut. the best bet would be a few sub launched tomahawks at the argentine mainland imho, but wether this is politically viable is another matter.

then try to find enough troops to form a task force.....

This might be better in the mil history forum
Few cruise missles at targets in bueno aires should shorten the war.
minime33 said:
Few cruise missles at targets in bueno aires should shorten the war.
Trident would definately :D but Bliar would never use them, as he hasn't got the ball's imho. A few cruise at airfields and the presidential palace in buenos aires might make them realise who theyre messing with and also every available attack sub sinking all argentine shipping in the 200mile exclusion zone might do the trick. sea supplies cut = no heavy equipment = everything has to go by air, add in to this equation a few cruise mislles at the argy airfields and it makes the argentines job very difficult if not impossible this strategy wouldn't win a war but it would go a long way in softening up.

this topic is being discussed in current affairs as well btw
lets face it lads, very unfortunately, the old british lion does'nt have enough bods to tackle a war like the falklands again. sorry to be a pessamist but with cutbacks and overstretch it would take a massive effort to mount such an operation. the only way i would see us winning would be with us backing(which will also probably end up with joint us power sharing when we kick the argies spick asses). I would give my heart and soul for the return of our empire and for rule of the seas ect but with window lickers like blair in the driving seat we can only look forward to being small fry to the americans. I will be there with my toolbox if it kicks off though, rest assured of that.

Interesting discussion going on here about the same thing. Apparently we could use our submarine service not only to blockade the islands but blockade all of the Argie sea trade, damaging their economy (there again economic pressure didnt exactly work on Saddam did it? And Argentina has plenty of land borders, but mostly with other poor South American states). But if their diesel-electric submarines have Sub-launched Exocets then we might have a rough ride of it!
have to tell the french to keep their missiles to themselves this time hey, or we will be at their necks next (I have dibbs on a posting to the south of france)
Does anyone have solid data (press reports of unsupported comments do not count) to show that Argentina's air force has actually increased significantly in the last few years? I mean you'd expect them to have replaced some of their losses, but double the pre-war size? Are these all combat aircraft? Where is the evidence -other than the same unsupported press report - for this testing of air defences by Argentine aircraft? The same press report mentions the recent detention of several Falkland Island fishing boats. All I can find is one boat, detained for fishing in Argentine waters. Argentina is treating it as a 'breach' rather than a 'crime' because they came along quietly. If detaining fishing vessels was a buildup to war, Ireland would have gone to war with Spain years ago (now there's an amusing idea). Do other, unrelated press sources show diplomatic sabre-rattling from Argentina?
Gentlemen, you're not starting to believe what you read in the papers, are you?


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not for a second. but surely with the history we share from 1939 to 45 the average soldier on both sides would find it very difficult to go to war witrh each other? things would have to really sour between us for people to feel that was necessary, surely?
My Mum and Dad are going to Argentina on Saturday for a holiday. The info they were given says - "Don't mention the war" and "Don't say you are English, make it clear you are Scottish" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yes - there are about 2000 troops down there and some Tornados, the RIC and Rapier Detatchments.

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