Falkland Islands

Was surfing looking for something to wind shatzer up but when you look into the history of the islands in detail, the truth should do that:


The English navigator John Davis on the Desire was the first person to sight the Falklands. The Argentine version states that "Spanish semen" were the first without giving further details (names, dates etc) Also, some claims say that Ferdinand Magellan was the first to see the islands on his voyage around the world. This is false since Magellan's route is clearly documented in historical charts to go along the South American east coast, close to the shore, until he hit the Magellan straits. (rather than over 1000 Km into the Atlantic). Another claim is based on one of Magellan's ships deserting the expedition and going back to Spain. While it is true that there was such a ship, there are no original documents claiming the actual sighting of the islands except for much later speculations not based on fact.[snip]

Independent Argentina first appears on the historical scene at this point. During Argentina early years Argentines are busy at war against Spain first (independence), Brazil then (inherited struggle between Spain and Portugal for what is now Uruguay) and few internal quarrels. Consequently the Falklands, a distant and relatively unimportant group of islands were not in their focus despite their gaining independence from Spain.

The Buenos Aires government, which had declared its independence from Spain in 1816, first proclaims its sovereignty over the Falklands. 228 years after the British first sighted them.

The American warship USS Lexington destroyed the Argentine settlement on East Falkland in reprisal for the illegal arrest of three U.S. ships that had been hunting seals in the area.

Afraid that the Americans seized the islands, the British remembered the expedition of the 17th century, re-invaded the islands, deposed Vernet and sent the Argentines back to the mainland without firing a shot.
So based on 11 years of occupation Argentina claims sovereignty of the Falkland Islands? Fcuking hell Shatzer you are going to have to do a whole lot better than that, I spent more time than that in the Army – does that mean I own it? I notice you got your arrses kicked the first time as well - nothing like consistency. Any possible claims you could have were crap to start with and now are so old they lack any credibility. And lets face it you're never going to be able to take them by force - well not so long as you have a hole in your arrse.

Anyway back to ridicule – just think of how this cnut is going to feel in a few years when he eventually grows up to realise his current childish stupidity is available for the whole world to see – forever on the interweb - under his real name. Makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. Just think of how many jobs he’s not going to get when HR do a rudimentary search of the web for his name and realise what a knobber he is.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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