Falkland Islands Sgts mess

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smoojalooge, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Sorry to the mods for posting on this forum but i wanted to use one that was well read.

    The mess here is in a bad way, it has been redecorated and soon there the paintings etc will go back up however, many of them are in a bad way and there are very few relating to the army.

    I am asking for people to donate from their units plaques, or paintings/prints to help re novate the mess. As a mess comittee we have looked in to many ways but like all things these days funds are very limited.

    We are particularly looking for things involving the islands and Op Corporate. However all help is appreciated.

    It can either be address to the mess here at Mount Pleasant Airfield BFPO 665, station warrant officer or myself if you want to PM me for my address.

    Again all help appreciated

  2. Vote a minute through that dictates 'dining out' contributions should be in the form of 'Mess Wall and or Table Decoration'.

    Don't know the frequency of 'comings and goings' but it shouldn't take to long to build up a nice collection.

    This has for time immorial been the traditional way of of assembling mess property.
  3. How about a "gizzit" run to the Globe in Stanley.
    They used to have loads of stuff on the walls.
  4. I was in the Mess last November during the pilgrimage, and it was grim.

    I personally have no memorabilia left from '82. How about approaching Gary Clement at SAMA FI http://www.sama.horizon.co.fk/ and see if backs cannot be mutually scratched?

    Maybe if photos of the 253 fallen could be obtained, framed along with a few details, these could be placed throughout the Mess.
  5. Thanks for the ideas, currently we don't dine out due to turnover of personnel.