Falkland Islands Funny - Dont Call Them Bennys

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by SHICKS, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Heee Heee
  2. Is the spelling and punctuation in the book as good as in that posting?
  3. Mate, Ive had better laughs at the dentist
  4. sorry - can't read it as it seems to be a collection of very big paragraphs with cak punctuation.
  5. Having read the first few pages of the 'book', I can confirm that the punctuation is rather bad and the comedy somewhat run of the mill.

    Shicks: Well done on writing up your 'funnies', but you've got big balls to come on here and declare your own work as 'a riotous off its face acount [sic] of my time in the Falkland Islands' and suggesting we'd be 'laughing your balls off'. Have you seen the best of NAAFI bar thread or Convoy and Rigger's book? We have a rather fine selection of comedians on here, set your modesty selector to 'humble' and stop bothering us.
  6. Just thought I'd let you know that I turned £10,000 profit on the final version of the book this week. (Not the draft dross you saw). Seems that there were some that could read it after all.

    Shicks - £10,000

    You - **** all probably
  7. Has riggers book just rung up £10,000 clear profit this week. No. didn't ******* think so.

    So lets see shall we that's er ........

    Shicks - £10,000 clear

    You - **** all probably.
  8. And with that Shicks bloody well did declare that his book did clear £10,000 profit this week by Jesus.

    So lets see shall we that's er .........

    Shicks - £10,000

    You - **** all probably.
  9. See rest of the thread.

    £10,000 eh clear this week eh. Not bad for a load of cak paragraphs eh.

    Think I'll write another book of paragraphs and get another £10k in the bank. What say you my little squaddie friend?
  10. And my company made approx 230K this week. What's your point, Vanessa?
  11. Thats King to you peasant
  12. How many in your company? Thought so. £230k divided by how many?

    Me - £10,000. one man. All for me.

    Do the maths girls.
  13. Seems to have gone quite out there Jarrod 248. Past your bed time is it?
  14. Ooh; alright then...

    lessee... 19 people in company, 230K profit... click... whirr...

    £12,105.26 profit per person. Thank you, I'm here all week. Please try the veal, and don't forget to tip your waitress.
  15. Piespies £12,106.26

    SHICKS £10,000

    Well, I did the maths as suggested and seems like Piespies is a clear winner and shall be earning £12,106.26 next week and every week thereafter. What about you SHICKS? Is your £10k a one off or a weekly thing?