Falkland Islands Defence Force

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Random_Task, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Be interested to find out a bit more about this 'force' - several of the Falklands related threads have sparked an interest!
  2. spike7451

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  3. FIDF use the Steyr Stg. 77 AUG rifle. Very good it is, too. See : http://world.guns.ru/assault/as20-e.htm

    They operate on funding from the FCO rather MoD, and don't have to follow the British services in issue weapons. (The Steyr uses the same ammo as the SA80, however.) Seems they ordered the Steyrs when the SA80 was going through its worst patch.
  4. Thank you for the info, Caubeen.
  5. Saw them on Carol Thatchers programme last night, was impressed with their kit. Thought it looked famalier to an Irishman!
  6. do the people of falkland have the internet?
    if do is there any FIDF personal on arrse?
  7. 1,900 Bennies (70% of population) online as at 2002, according to this. http://www.internetworldstats.com/sa/fk.htm

    I'd bet is more like 90% today.

    Not aware of any on ARRSE. Maybe ask MODS?
  8. Caubeen

    The FIDF actually wanted to buy SA80 to replace their ageing SLR. However, the MoD insisted that they wait until the all the Regular forces, TA and Cadets had been supplied, before allowing export sales (the FIDF wanted about 180 weapons). The price was also over £1000 per rifle.

    As a result (and because they are not MoD funded) the FIDF approached Steyr who supplied the weapons at a fraction of the cost and threw in a month long training course for two instructors in Austria.

    Somehow this sums up British defence sales in a nutshell!

    A few years ago I attended the budget meeting of the Falklands Assembly to listen to the OC of the FIDF justify his latest budget. The old farmers on the bench approved a whole bunch of nice-to-have goodies like .50 Brownings and NVGs but quibbled at the cost of a new Landrover. There were lots of outbursts like:

    'Replace a Landrover after sixteen years! Mine has been running for twenty nine!'

    Needless to say the FIDF did not get its new 'Rover.
  9. I love this approach. Is there anyone involved in British Army procurement who has experience in the real world?
  10. The Bennys have better weapons than us!!!??

    I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry!!
  11. Actually the original weapon trial was taking place in 1991 involving 3 weapons, which was then knocked down to 2 - the Steyr and the SA80 - They both scored virtually identically on handling/acuracy etc etc, what won the Steyr the contract was the complexity of the SA80 sling and other ancilaries, as simple as that.

    Oh and I know because I was there.
  12. I always thought the sling was the best part of the SA80!!
  13. They both scored "awful"? :twisted:

    (And yes, I have experience of both. I have never found a bull pup which handles well.)
  14. :) Im a FIDF soldier you have got interested in ARRSE. Certain amount of truth in some of the threads. We are funded by Falkland Islands Government not the FCO (they dont encourage natives with guns?).

    2 x Steyr Aug were tested alongside 2 SA80A1 loaned from MOD. One SA80 was U/S without getting to the range. MOD wanted over £1000 a weapon with iron sights & no bayonet cleaning kit etc .

    Steyr was half the price with optics bayonet & cleaning kit & they can be used by south paws. We did keep the SA80 sling, it was the best bit & we use some of the other ancilleries even though seedubs thinks they are too complicated for us Bennies.

    The one accessory we havent needed was the tape to stop us loosing mags like we would of needed if we had got SA80A1.