Falkland Islands Defence Force slideshow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. I just recently got 'An Ungentlemanly Act' on DVD - doesn't exactly show them in the best of lights. OK, so it's a drama, one from the time when the BBC were actually good at that sort of thing.

    Here's hoping the Islanders never have to rely on them to the same extent again, even if I suspect they're a bit better this time round.
  2. Bet they are still cheating barstewards when it comes to the annual mil comp against the British Military, the FIDF would control the tabbing contest and marshal the checkpoints and give everyone but themselves the wrong grids for the next checkpoint! good laugh though... wonder if the Gingwa chick with the laser like green eyes is still serving?!
  3. very good... mine isnt as good, but i gave it a go... so here it is... my tribute to the victory of 1982,
    the music is sabaton - back in control,



    oh yer ignore the argie mong... or become a web worrior...
  4. Predatorusplus, THAT is the bees knees... Good Effort and excellent song as backing...
  5. Hmm, Sabaton - a Swedish band all of whose songs are about historical battles. Very odd.
  6. happy to hear mate... finding that song was by luck... should hear some of their other songs...
  7. i know very very odd... that a song about the victory at falklands would be used for a tribute video to the victory at falklands... very odd indeed
  8. Sabaton... Don't download anything by them from Limewire or you'll get a Trojan Virus downloaded!!!!!!! I know, I just did :roll:
  9. No, no, it's not odd that you used the song, good choice. I mean it's odd that a Swedish band writes songs in English about battles involving other countries.
  10. lol true... bloody good band though...
  11. I notice that the FIDF are armed with Steyr AUGs; also, the soldiers performing Reverse Arms seem to be armed with the SLR. Is the FIDF run along the same lines as the TA or more similar to the Royal Gibraltar Regiment?