Falkland Islands Charity Auction H4H

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whosthedaddy, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. This is copied from the Charity section as it doesn't seem to be getting very far in there.

    Fella's, I'm after a bit of help.

    We are planning a big charity auction down here in the Falklands and I am in desperate need of donations.

    I have written to every football club, rugby club, rugby league club and various other people and organisations. To date I have received 7 pledges of donations for auction, but lots of negatives also.

    What I need first and foremost is for those ARRSErs out there with connections to famous people to lend a hand by either contacting them, or providing me with contact details in order that I may formally approach them.

    Obviously any donations would also be most welcome.

    Please PM me with any assistance you may be able to offer.

    What I plan to do is put a list of the items on here in order that people can submit a bid for anything they desperately want, that way if we have an auction lot which means nothing personally to someone serving here, there may be a huge fan in ARRSE land who will bid more.

    Many thanks for your help.
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Re my PM,Page 3 babe Holly Maguire has agreed to donate some goodies,PM me your E-Mail addy so I can pass it on to her,

  3. Spike,

    see PM's mate. Thanks very much, just the sort of stuff we are after!

    Come on guys, only one response for a charity request??
  4. It's in the NAAFI bar! try putting it in the Charities forum with the other charity requests, you may actually get some response.
  5. Filbert,

    thanks mate, if you read the very first line of the post thought you will see that I have copied this from the Charities forum where I first posted it, just to get more exposure as most people come in to the NAAFI bar.

    Thanks again though mate, anything to keep bumping it up there :D
  6. Bump, well it is for charity!
  7. I'll give you a tenner for the Falklands :wink:
  8. Not sure it's worth THAT much fella, besides I don't think I have the authority to sell the whole lot. Thanks for the bump anyway! :D
  9. 524 hits and only one offer of assistance. C'mon guys, we can surely do better than this?

  10. What FI type stuff are you auctioning? I was there in 1990 and came back with bugger all to remember it by except the usual 'Danger Mines' sign complete with the 'This man didnt steal this sign' certificate from Q-Mines.
  11. Filbert, that's kind of the point, I'm not really auctioning FI type stuff. Thus far we have the following:

    Signed Sheffield Utd shirt
    Signed Man U pennant
    Signed Everton FC picture
    Signed Sunderland FC picture
    Tornado F3 flight
    VC10 flight
    Herc flight
    Fortnum & Mason hamper
    Holly McGuire signed calendar
    etc etc.

    There is hopefully a bit more stuff on offer, but not yet confirmed.

    I want to make this a great nights entertainment for the guys and girls, but also raise a substantial amount of cash for the 2 charities. The thing is we're unlikely to raise a substantial amount without more donations, hence the request for help on here!

    Cheers :D
  12. I want the tornado flight, do I have to come down there to get it?

    I can offer as much resettlement information as you can handle but its free anyway.
  13. Filbert, unfortunately yes, you would have to come here for it, and to be honest I do already have a rather huge sealed 'telephone' bid for it, which I doubt will be beaten on the night!

    I will however be opening up some of the non theatre specific items for outside bids, I will put up a full list nearer the time.

    Come on peeps, any more offers of help out there? I need as much stuff as possible to make the night a success :)
  14. Bump.

    Any other takers yet???
  15. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Have you contacted the helpful crew at H4H for some advice. They were very helpful with my day.

    Unfortunately all the clubs and famous guys and gals are inundated with these types of appeals and many have already contributed significantly to the cause.

    It's hard and up hill task but I wish you all the luck.