Falconry, Dead or Alive Again?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gremlin, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Having seen Falconry mentioned a few times recently, I thought that I would open up a dicussion along the lines of Deerstalking Types et al.

    Falconry, The Sport of Kings, was a dying art 20 years ago. Now however, with the re-emergence of County/Country shows and the increasing use of raptors as a green method of pest control (particularly where pigeons are concerned) it seems to be making a come back.

    The floor is open please carry on!

  2. I thought that following through was the sport of kings...?! :D
  3. my brother in uk is a big cheese in the falconry world and theres ,,lots of members in his group..hes always away at shows weekends. displays english heritage castles ect...its a bloody exspensive hobby though....
    some birds cost thousands...
  4. Falconry has never, ever been more widely practised in the UK in history. And hawk- and falcon-keeping - never the same thing as falconry - ditto.

    Since the 1981 Wildlife & Countryside Act obliged falconers and hawk-keepers to be registered with the government, it's now possible to quantify the numbers of practitioners. Currently c. 5,000.

    British falconers pioneered new captive-breeding techniques for raptors in the 1960s-70s, thus ensuring no wild raptor species need ever become extinct. But, entirely predicably, the anti-fieldsports "birdie" people have never given the falconry community due credit for that amazing breakthrough.l
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    An opportunity to post a gratuitous Bird pic!
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Cracking pic Ugly, any details?
  7. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Maybe it could be used by SIS and European others to foster stronger ties with Arab neighbours...that and perhaps chatting about the pedigree of horses over tea ;)
  8. I would have been more impressed if it had taken out the horse :D
  9. Very close links between SIS/SF/SAS/FCO and falconry. Glubb Pasha, TE Lawrence, Wilfred Thesiger, Order Wingate, Bill Slim, Jack Mavrogordato etc were all falconers in the Arab tradition, as are many serving and ex-members of SAS, Trucial Oman Scouts and such. A former 22SAS officer wrote a superb book on Falconry In Arabia, under the pen-name "Mark Allen".

    Capt Robert Nairac GC - murdered by PIRA in NI - was a distinguished falconer.

    Also a strong Crab connection - Portal of Hungerford etc.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Gremlin the pic was from Shooting times about 6 months ago!
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    This is something I'd really quite like to get into (maybe when I move out of the city), had a mate at school who had a falcon, and I think if I was going to take up the sport I'd like a Merlin. I did some reading the other night and found out that they are not a beginners bird as they can be temperamental feeders, but I think that would be the way I'd go...
  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Had a look around to find a picture. If I was to buy one I'd want it to be as close to Black as I could find. Don't appear to be many pictures of the black ones on the web. Had a quick look at wiki and it says that the Black ones do exist is the US but the one's that are pictured (via google images) seem to be the pale 'great plain' variety...

  13. That's quite good that. Throwing a dead rabbit at a bird from a moving horse? Did she hit it in flight or was it stood on a fence post?
  14. I've actually done falconry a couple of times mainly with harris hawks (Not exactly the falcon of kings but hey). It's a good walk out in the woods / fields but that's about it. As for being a good way of controling pests - not really efficient enough to be of any use. But like I say it's a good day out.

    If you are inerested in getting a falcon of your own, I'd suggest going to an all day falcon experience and ask the questions as they are a time sink rather than money and most of the year you can't fly them depending on the breed.

    There, I think I've bored myself.
  15. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    (see bold)...not boring...good advice, I didn't know such a thing existed. We are planning to move to the countryside (or la campagne ;) ) and I think it would be a very satisfying pastime...