Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Anonymous_Bloke, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Announced today:

    "The Army is to get a new air-portable battlefield communications network called FALCON under a contract worth in excess of £200m, Minister for Defence Procurement, Lord Drayson, announced today..."


    I'll have a look for other links.
  2. MOD News Falcon

    Since when was Euromux still in service, 36 and 40 stopped using a while ago when they began moving over to 2 Sig Bde. So 12 Sig Grp has at most 4 years before it disbands (and joins 36 and 40 in 2 Sig Bde)
  3. Since when was Euromux still in service, 36 and 40 stopped using a while ago when they began moving over to 2 Sig Bde. So 12 Sig Grp has at most 4 years before it disbands (and joins 36 and 40 in 2 Sig Bde)[/quote]

    Will it be Spine enabled :oops: These systems will also carry medical information back to NHS net in the old speak - patients that present at the R1 will need no require their instance to be relayed back to R4
  4. FALCON is key to the “Resilient Information Infrastructure” of Network Enabled Capability (NEC) by providing the modern, secure communications infrastructure required by deployed formations and operating bases.........

    ...as stated by the chief negotiator for BAE Systems, Brig (Retired) R Signals as he lightly patted his back pocket.
  5. LOL. Ouch!
  6. Fair game to 'em!! If it ain't BAe it'll only be someone else.

    Now that MOD have all these systems that will give the nirvana of NEC, has anyone actually plugged 'em all together to see if they actually work??

    ........ As some tumbleweed rolls gently by.
  7. I understand that the initial inter-connectivity tests have been scheduled for early 2048.....
  8. Planning for ExCombined Endeavor (sic) 2050 will shortly begin with the plan to integrate Falcon into the system. The planning will take the form of a 2 week consulting plan in somewhere extremely exotic. 1 SigBde Budman will turn blue with the prospect of the whole Bde T&S budget being used up in 5 days.
  9. On DII yes :? Yep it will all work first time and won't have bandwidth problems especially during the migration from the existing system, which can take several hours over a N3 connection.
  10. :lol: Well the systems we currently have don't work together!! So another one to add to the list :?
  11. And who's going to authorise the purchase of a squillion noah leads....
  12. Who needs noah leads? Of course the IPT's & RM's talk to each other and square away these minor issues!
  13. The future role of 12 Sig Group has been the subject of intense study and planning by both HQ 12 Sig Gp and HQ SOinC(A). If it were likely to have been a short term organisation predicated only on the existence of Ptarmigan, it would not have been supported by the SOinC as a formal organisation, nor would it have made it through TA FAS (as it has done).

    12 Sig Gp is on the verge of formal adoption by the Corps and will be the focus for the collective and technical training of the three TA Ptarmigan Regiments. This has been enhanced by TA FAS and will be further cemented by ongoing develoments which will become clear at the end of the timings given in the Synchronsation Matrix for Rebalancing - Oct 07 as far as HQ 12 Gp and the affected units are concerned. The Group will be tasked with delivering a generic TA Regiment and IRs on an ongoing basis and the kit is not the deciding factor. Work is already underway to allocate different kit to 12 Gp units should the Falcon delivery dates by achieved (extremely unliklely).

    I suspect that in the absence of a major re-equipping of 1 Bde (even more unlikely) to replace the vaguely ad-hoc digital systems they have, Ptarmigan will remain important to the ARRC for a while yet and even if Falcon is delivered on time (see Cormorant!), the critical mass of potential IRs delivered by 12 Gp will remain vital to the Corps and other kit will be provided.

    The chances of 33, 34 and 35 not be required long term post the TA FAS analysis is zip. Equally, the chances of it/them joining 2 Bde post TA FAS is also zip. They have a long term future in their own right.
  14. Glad to hear that, obviously I was fishing for information. Any chances they will end up with a normal signals organisation i.e. Sqn FofS, YofS, Tfc Officers etc
  15. What will they be equipped with once Ptarmigan is withdrawn? I thought that there was no FALCON being bought for TA units - has this changed? If not, where are they going to get FALCON from?