FALCON Network Enabled Capability (NEC) Program

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Sig_Mercury, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Does anyone know at what stage this new FALCON system that is due to replace Ptarmigan is at? I'd love to get my hands on it but judging buy the normal time scales involved with new equipment finally getting rolled out I get the feeling I'm going to be waiting a long time. How does it all work with trials of new equipment, do they just pick some random regular unit and say here you go - try and break it?


  2. 22 Sigs will be the first Falcon ninjas, but it's worthwhile asking your Sqn YofS.
  3. Or, depending what trade you are, you could always try and get posted to the FALCON Implementation Team in Blandford... don't know what their makeup is, but I know there are definitely CS Eng and FofS IS within their numbers...
  4. I hear your trades skills are coming on a treat in your current job! 8O
  5. So they won't be short of brew bitches then.
  6. Not trying to be cynical, but how many years is it out of date and is it designed to fight the cold war?
  7. It's getting upgraded to Minimux next month.
  8. And Euromux is dealing with the voice side!
  9. You might mock, but I know of a couple of places that are still using the TMS..
  10. Depending on how much info you require and at what level...

    The best place for FALCON info is CSDC Blandford, the official source of all Falcon related stuff, but at a pretty high level.

    If you want a coal face view, use the old boys network by all means, but you won't get an official, sanctioned or neccesarily accurate picture of where things are. Sqn Ops teams would be a good place to start.

    It would be inappropriate to post here where the programme lies.

    It's all good and the IS community make a cracking brew...
  11. Will it be as shite as Cormorant?
  12. Looking good so far...
  13. Excellent news. I look forward to working on another system that's too big, too heavy (and yet at the same time as fragile as a French front line), too complicated, with dogshite technical support from the civvie contractors, dogshite technical publications and dogshite stores support then.
  14. Have you got inside information :D
  15. Ahh, Minimux and Euromux.

    Say what you like about Minimux but IIRC wasn't it purchased as a UOR for Granby? Still in service 15 years later, despite being occaisionally bent out of shape when dropped :D

    Euromux was just poo.