Fake violence

Discussion in 'US' started by stoatman, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. It turns out that the tea party protesters and the healthcare protesters aren't performing as the left's crude stereotype of them says that they should.

    We recently had SEIU kicking the crap out of some black town hall protester, calling him "the N word", and then posting a video of it on the Internet claiming that it was white racists beating up a pro-Obamacare guy.

    We had D supporters painting swastikas on the sign to a Democrat congressman's office and blaming it on Conservatives.

    Now we have a little leftoid vandalising a Colorado Democrat party office and it being blamed on "the other side": http://www.denverpost.com/recommended/ci_13199902
    this nut job even received 500 dollars from an SEIU front organisation.

    What on earth is going on over there? Have they really got to the stage where they need to fake violence to blame something on the other side? Do they really not believe that strongly in the force of their arguments?

    "The force of our arguments are so strong that we need to smash sh1t up and blame it on our opponents to convince people that we are right" is pretty crap, actually...
  2. UAF do the same thing over here, an old and well worn tactic, merely a variation on the agent provocateur. Join a party, instigate trouble, then "defect" claiming what a horrid lot they have just left.

    The term is unconventional politics.
  3. Reichstag fire on a low level? Look at the Larouchie who in the press is shown as some conservative, defying all logic. This will all be ignored in the national media.
  4. While reading around this subject I came across the newly-coined term SMASHtroturfing. an act of destruction or violence perpetrated by an "activist" upon one's own side with the intention of blaming it on the opposition, or a similar act of destruction or violence perpetrated upon an opponent and yet reported as your opponents having committed the act upon one of yours.
  5. There have also been multiple cases of people standing up at town hall meetings speaking out in favour of Barrycare ( slogan: "Medicaid sucks -- let's make it universal, except for congressmen") claiming to be doctors yet are in fact no such thing. One of them even turned out to be an employee of Organising for America, one of Barry's many campaign groups.

    I'm sorry, who is doing the Astroturf thing now?
  6. Right out of Saul Alinsky's playbook a must read for all community organizers.

    Based on his poll numbers I am optimistic that BO will make the Peanut Farmer look like a intellectual giant.
  7. 9 months ago. And where does the article assert that the guy was trying to pin the job on conservatives? There are plenty of people on the American left who are being critical of the Democratic Party for sacrificing too much in order to get a bipartisan bill passed.

    Going on what The Jawa Report says, Stoaty? That's a great idea.
  8. Do keep up, Crabtastic, it was State Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak who blamed it on "the other side", i.e. conservatives. It was never never suggested that the guy himself ever said anything.

    No apology has yet been published by Waak on this matter.

    On a related note, I also see this phenomenon as a variation of the Bush era "fake but accurate" phenomenon, where someone claims that Bush said something or did something, or a US soldier did something in Iraq, it is repeated in the press, and when the original propagator is called upon it they admit they made it up, but that it was "fake but accurate" since their prejudice against the person tells them that they would or should have said it or done it.
  9. Astroturfing is a venerable political practice that has probably been around ever since party politics arrived. Today even "grassroots" political activity is mostly deftly constructed outrage based on misleading sound bites.

    Team Barry demonstrated an impressive grasp of the dark political arts during the Primaries. I'm a little surprised they haven't deployed more skillfully in defense of Barrycare.

    Truth is its not the Wingnuts at Townhalls equating the scheme with the holocaust that has them worried or even the Seniors grimly determined to cling onto every wasteful cent of their entitlements in the current failing system. The problem for team Barry is the Bluedogs and their own enraged net roots who are beginning to realize Barry's idea of change only operates at the level of rhetoric. There's lots of Astroturf there too of course. Barry and his rabid homunculus Rahm have shown themselves to rather favor the centrists i.e. right leaning stasis and a gutted bill.
  10. Just to give all of you a little background on the situation from my side of the pond , the SEIU is the union that has been working to organize non-professional hospital workers at hospitals that are not currently union.

    In the US when there is a union being organized at the employees, for many years the determination as to whether the union represents the workers has been done by a secret ballot, Obama has opposed the secret ballot for such elections and the leading union in the movement to change the law providing for secret ballots has been the SEIU.

    As someone above said, the tactics are right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.
  11. I guess this gives rise to another of those marvellous irregular verbs:

    I am a well funded grassroots organisation
    You are Astroturf
    He is in the pocket of the eeeeeeevil corporations