Fake Trade?!?!?!?!?

who thought up the trade - regimental specalist, was it to save trade course biffs from being put into the infantry or the artillary? ::)

edit: I feel the need to explain! This account was originally not a serious account (not that it is now!), and the few posts that were made, were made collectively by a few people from various different cap-badges working at a sailing club in BFG. The few un-eloquent posts made were a reflection of some of the stuff we used to joke about (including one lad with us who was RS, and a lazy chef (the subsequent ones were actually fine helping out with pan-bashing).
As a Sapper myself, I would like to say that I finding DS’s attempts at coherent argument a bit of an embarrassment. I for one think that the ARRSE Boards should be open for anyone’s comments on most subjects. In my opinion (for what it’s worth) postings can be anything from serious argument and discussion, humorous comment and fun ribbing of the other corps and regiments all the way to mindless ‘mud slinging’.

Which ever way you choose to post, you should have first thought about your posting rather than just typing the first thing that comes into your head. You know that there are people out there that either have different opinions or know the subject better than you.

If you post rubbish, at best you look a little foolish at worst you bring yourself and your Corps into disrepute.

As for DS’s three ‘brilliant’ arguments?

1.      Having worked with the Artillery before I have to comment that yes, I also met a few complete ‘Muppets’. I also met some good, switched on lads who liked a beer and a laugh. I have also met some ‘Muppets’ in the Engineers, Signals, RLC and many other Corps and Regiments.

2.      Why have RD’s? Well you need them unless you want members of the infantry permanently attached to teach soldiering skills. Not a bad idea except they wouldn’t appreciate the specialist side to each individual Corps…. Besides we are all supposed to be soldiers first and the infantry have enough on their plate.

3.      Why is DS doing pan bash while the chef is reading a book? Well, my main argument could be ‘all of the above’, but I’m sure that if you go through your army career with ‘serious attitude’ you will find yourself getting all the ‘good’ jobs. I’m happy that he is in a Corps that prepares you for all that life can throw at you, pan bash included.

Finally I would hope that everyone else visiting these pages take’s Disgruntled_Sapper’s comments as the exception that proves the rule and next time you pass a sapper in a hole up to his knees in water you will look down on him, not with distain, but with appreciation at a difficult job being well done… with the rank and the pay of a sapper.
I'm really surprised that there are any REME RS around at all.  I mean, they would have started off on a trade course, perhaps found it a little challenging and then gone down to the next trade and the next until they reached rock-bottom i.e. VM.  If they can fail THAT course, then they truly are special people.  Sorry, people with special needs :)
......Like you SE?! A BAT!!! Surely there is no lower than a snotty air tech.

Ha, thought you were safe in here with all yer mates didn't you BAT?!

Come in our forum causing unrest and upheaval..............

There is no escape from the mighty warriors of the air......we will be watching.

Must dash the bar is open................................................


RS is a way out for the guys that are sick of their own regiments ways and would like to move up a league in conversation levels, also maybe get a higher rank than they may have attained ;) had they not transferred.  Just a thought.
Using ex-teeth Arm bods also beats having to develop your own drill and tactics ninjas from within the Corps.  Any REEMs fancy giving up their trade pay to teach inf skills and drill?
Hey, RLC and RE have been growing them from within their own corps for years, no reason why we can't do it.  After all, at the moment, the Recruits go "Cpl, what's life like in the REME", to which he answers "Dunno, just transferred in from the (insert Regiment) cos REME looked like the easy life".  We really should be more professional and switched on than that!

Off my high horse now!
Regimental Specialists?

What ever happened to soldier first, tradesman second, we've been running things from within just fine in the sappers and in fact, we involve our attached REME on our battle camps and they LOVE IT!

Do REME Bn's have to do ITD's and if they do, you're not telling me they employ people just to look after that side of things, surely?
Unfortunately, REME Bn's tend to spend most of their time doing niff naff and trivia, rather  than anything really productive - that's why there are garrison workshops full of civvies.  I am being slightly narrow here, but the impression I have is that while first line (attached) do a lot of hands on work, and all their ITDs, second line Bns tend to spend a lot of time pfaffing around.  

You are completely correct when you say that we are soldiers first, tradesmen second.  However, we have lost that focus, and I think we need to redefine our role.  Otherwise, we will be opening ourselves up to mass civilianisation, and/or amalgamation.  (different forum for that).  I do feel sorry for the RS who have lost their identity in all this, but the writing has been on the wall for some time.  Hopefully the good ones remaining in the system will ensure that the artisan/tiffy military instructors have the full benefit of their knowledge, and help us to grow this new system.
I'm really surprised that there are any REME RS around at all.  I mean, they would have started off on a trade course, perhaps found it a little challenging and then gone down to the next trade and the next until they reached rock-bottom i.e. VM.  If they can fail THAT course, then they truly are special people.  Sorry, people with special needs :)

I've worked with RD's and air techs in a number of ways, but there's one thing I will inform you of, and that is that air techs, when it comes down to the real nitty gritty of having to soldier, are useless.

On a JMC, and then an SMC, you could always tell the tech trades on the course; brand new kit, no idea how to use it, webbing that is still stiff. Don't forget the boots that are hardly wore in properly, and most of them didn't even have a bergan.

It's all very well looking down on RS, but 'within' the REME it is a real trade, just as an infantryman is a real trade.

I was REME but never ever looked down on infantry because I was with them the whole time and saw what they had to do, and know, and learn in their job. I did however look down on techs when we had to drag them along on a run and carry their kit, or had to sort them out when they started to slide into hypothermia when they found they couldn't hack it. I used to love the odd night in a mashy wagon, but couldn't imagine spending my whole time in one.

And remember SEME? In my time it was always D company that won everything, but were treated like scum because we were the VM's, the Armourers etc. etc.

Lastly, I wouldn't want to do RS as it would pee me right off watching all those namby pamby techs running around like headless chickens, thinking it was a boys scout weekend.
RS bloody awful. :-[
Unless you fix something then you have no place wearing a REME cap badge. 8) Tech Storemen accepted, even you have to know how to support REME Tradesmen, or you would be called  ....... storemen. 8)

Anyway RS will be gone soon. ;D  Long live the rise of the Artisans. 8)

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