Fake taxi warning for Ho Chi Minh City

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Nignoy, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. well folks , in a nutshell we got robbed today!!we picked up a taxi from Bin thahn market to take us to the hotel with our shopping, it was a normal liveried state taxi so we thought!!we realised something was up when the driver headed for cholon , we told the driver to stop and let us out, he pulled over and squirted us both with cs spray , in the few seconds that followed he searched us grabbed our wallets and purse and pushed us out of the cab and drove off, luckily a passer by took a phone picture of thedriver and vehicle reg and taxi number,by the time the police got there, he was long gone, but to add insult to injury the taxi was a fake it only had a3 digit taxi plate and a 6digit rego, so the police couldnt help in any way, you live and learn, in 40 years of travel in asia this is our first bad experience , even in wild and woolly thailand we never had any of this shit, so any future saigon visitors be careful if you cant be careful carry a frigging GUN
  2. Slack drills! GAS GAS GAS! Exhale, and bang mess tins.
  3. Sounds as if Sir Charles is back to his old tricks. That's a a shame mate.

    You Know Hes VC Texted.jpg
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Uncle Dukes Handy Household Hints # 893

    If you are a tourist in Saigon everything you need is in District 1 which we walked around at all hours with no hassle (just after Christmas). If you need a taxi there are ranks outside the hotels with a guy with a clip board who makes sure they take turns and writes down your taxi number and destination. If you get a cab outside District 1 get him to wait. The dodgy ******* operate outside places like the Hindu Temple (which resembles a council tip so give it a miss). I found the place safe and friendly.
  5. My local council tip is a very friendly place to be also.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I was in Saigon for a week-end in July, no dramas, but I had some grief from a couple of trishaw drivers we hired in Danang a few years back.

    They reneged on the agreed price per hour and I thought there might be a bit of unpleasantness. Luckily they eventually fucked off, which I was pleased about because the Viets, whilst generally nice, can be unpleasant fiuckers as the Spams found out.
  7. Sorry to hear that.

    I had noticed that the taxi drivers in Saigon are becoming more surly generally

    There are only two taxi companies that people should use in Saigon: Vinasun and Mailinh.

    Both companies cabs are well marked and both should have a clearly visible unique ID number which you can record for future reference. The drivers of both companies should be in uniform and have ID in clear view.

    As TID says, its best to get your taxi from the doorman or security guard at a hotel or restaurant as these guys will spot a fake taxi a mile away.

    In the centre of town near the back of the Opera House, Caravel Hotel side (by the Lion brewery and restaurant), there are usually two blokes on the pavement in Mai linh uniform (green trousers white shirts with Mai linh logos). These guys will call for a taxi for you if one doesnt pass by within a minute or so.

    All taxis in Saigon may take a long way round if they can get away with it, so make sure you get the doorman or security bloke to tell him clearly where you are going. If your mobile phone has Google maps on it, check your route with that if you are unsure that he is taking a direct route. But bear in mind that certain streets in Saigon become one way streets at certain times of the day, so you might not go back the way you came.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Uncle Dukes Handy Household Hints # 894

    Something I discovered after being battered in the back of Tuk-Tuks by drug crazed nutters while sucking lungfulls of diesel fumes - in SE Asia cities air-con metered taxis are about the same price as Tuk-Tuks. And any tourist who uses the Moto things (motorbike taxis) is a Septic or deranged.
  9. But did he have 9 seconds to mask up eh?

  10. Ahh, not being the former I must be the latter. That explains a lot.
  11. At your service Sir....
    Weddings/birthdays/Bar Mitzvahs etc....

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  12. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I had that fred housego in my office once .

    perhaps i could have phased that a wee bit better , incoming ....
  13. I bet that gas brought a few memories back.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hang about. Before you get all toothy on my frail and decrepit frame... And I suffer from Apsbergers and I bruise easily...

    Hiring a bike or moped in SE Asia is a ******* hoot and as much fun as you can have without guns, birds, explosives, drugs and yots. Especially in Saigon where riding a moped is an art form. But climbing onto the back of a bike driven by a bug-eyed loon is asking to get mugged in a back ally as his mates take turns with your bird.
  15. Is there anything those boys can't fake?