fake S.A.S soldiers/wannabe

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by waltzingmatilda, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. have been reading a fair amount of stuff on here. having seen what happened to that mong over the rmp items on walt bay. recently a mate attended a day out at an airsoft event in raf edzel new home of cqb scotland. i have dabled with airsoft and found the majority of them are cool. but there are 3 guys in particular who are making it known they are SAS or where ex SAS. these guys need put down a few rungs me thinks.

    check out there users name: red team leader/double tap/

    all can be viewed on www.cqbscotland.co.uk. i happen to know alot of airsofters and retailers and by all accounts these broad casts have been going on for years. hate these fucking sas wannabes.
  2. I live in a village right on the edge of the beacons and on any weekend night you cant move for blokes claiming to be with "them" so they can pull. Thankfully though it seems that most can see straight through their crud (not really surprising because they've usually got a gut you could balance a beer on) . Must be bloody annoying to work your lovespuds off to earn a capbadge and then have p*ssed up tesco tearaways telling all that they where (age dependent)

    1. first into the embassy
    2. Mcnabs best mate
    3. just back from somewhere sandy
  3. I wonder if WaltzingMatilda owns CQB Scotland and has just placed a free ad for his website?

  4. not me bud. im just sick of these SAS types/wannabes having known a few regt boys and the work they do think arseholes that are making a living on the back of someones elses names. grips my shit!!
  5. I believe this has been covered elsewhere but is it not the case that Squaddies "big-ing" it up in order to get a shag is not classed as walting but just good drills.
  6. Whilst browsing through their pictures. I found a very funny picture, of them walting it up. N.B check for the Parachute Regiment berets.

  7. Your right, my mistake these are just Walts.
  8. The walt with his badge wandering to the right looks as though he could kill a couple of pies without too much trouble:p

    Pathetic individuals who are legends in their own lunchtime :lol:

  9. All that kit must have cost them a lot of money. If they had played their cards right they could have got real ones for nothing.

    edit - mong fingers
  10. All that kit must have cost them a lot of money. If they had played their cards right they could have got real ones for nothing.
  11. Now that is funny as fcuk, looks like something from fraggle rock..... :D
  12. those berets.... funny as!
  13. Well i think they all look totally convincing, and nails, but i will admit the one with the nazi helmet lets the side down a tad :roll:
  14. Which ones on the photo are the ones claiming to be Ex-Regiment?
    Point them out mate please.
  15. I am sure he is there for some reason.