Fake rebates

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by crazyjay, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Fraudsters 'target bank accounts'

    Since the group's last report, a year ago, it says there has been a fall in traditional forms of identity theft, including "application" fraud, in which people use stolen or false documents to open an account.

    But the report says there's been a "vast" increase in cyber crime, where fraudsters use the internet and e-mail to tap into existing accounts or to find out credit card details.

    One scam involves a bogus e-mail from Revenue and Customs, asking for bank account details to receive a tax rebate.

    Be aware people!!!!!!
  2. You're a bundle of joy today aren't you! ;)
  3. Well the boys from St. Petersburg have to recover the money they lost in Iceland somehow.

  4. There is an easy way to spot this. If they take all the wrong amounts on the wrong days, spell your name wrong, and fcuk up your tax credits, then it is a genuine request from Revenue & Customs. :D
  5. Just getting an email from Revenue & Customs makes it blatantly obvious its dodgy. They can't even spell PC let alone use one to contact someone.
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I had a letter from somebody pretending to be Revenue and Customs saying that I had been over payed child tax credit and I owed them £5000.00, which was to be paid immediately. They even gave me bank details FFS!!! Well I did the right thing and threw it in the bin. Where do these scammers get our addresses from?

  7. I hope no one went through you bin to get bank details :lol:
  8. The most important thing that can help us to protect our data is that we should keep them mentally active while giving our personal data to any website on the internet.

    Email address is one factor where the swindler’s look for to acquire the personal information of someone. I have an email address which I use in forum posting and sad to say I receive tons of spam emails everyday. I know it’s a spam because some of the information is really unusual and unbelievable. I also once received that I have a pending monthly payment for my loan and I need it to pay within 2 weeks so that my house would not be foreclose. Funny to think because I don’t know the bank either.
  9. If they are stupid enough to give bank details for you to send money set up direct debits each month to a charity
  10. If the whole of the UK population now has access to my NI Number, passport number, address, bank details, and DOB, does that mean I don't have to bother my arrse with shredding anymore?