Fake QGM ?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Mr249, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. I work with a guy that even after being out of the mob for 20 years is still pretty Army Barmy. He signs all his letters with his name and then QGM. His business card and the name plaque on his office door also bear the letters QGM. I always thought he was a top bullsh1tter to be honest so I thought I would check him out. I checked on the London Gazette which I thought listed all military medals that have been given out and he isnt on there. Any ideas how I could check out if any of his stories of daring-do are true or if indeed he is actually some military fantasist who did 3 years in the Stores, or even worse, failed basic training.
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  3. I spent the time writing some erudite reply, but seriously no one gives a shit. It could stand for anything and the world will keep on turning.
  4. Well, it stands for Queen's Gallantry Medal. I am sure other people who have genuinely won one would give a shit ! I don't really like working with a top billy bullshitter to be honest. Always going on about his time in NI and Iraq.
  5. Get after him ! I've got five of the fuckers and I'm outraged !!
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  6. Nope. Not one fucking iota. I wouldn't mind riverdancing on your head though.
  7. Me me me, I care even less than you, see how much I don't care. Mmmm

    I think the OP makes a good point; I would tend to jump on the 'I don't care' bandwagon, if it was a poxy Jubbly medal or somesuch. But it ain't.

    People died winning QGM's, so yes I do care.
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  8. Did you spot his name. mind you could be a miss spelling of QGJM easily done
  9. There's an Arthur Kelso from Kent police in there, would that be a relation to Paddy Kelso from Gravesend nick in the 70's?
  10. Thanks Piscator. Yes I did try there. He isn't on it. His story is that he was 'special forces' shot a load of IRA, went to Iraq, was captured and tortured blah blah blah and somewhere along the line won the QGM which entitles you to use those initials after your name. That's kinda like me buying a gong off eBay and calling myself Sir 249.
    It's not right.
    I did my time in the mob. I know what I did and didn't do. I just don't want to work with a fraudster!
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  11. Etymology is not really your thing, is it?
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