Fake PLCE Patrol Pack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Supa, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. I was just surfing for a new day sack for work when i came across this. http://www.denbigharmysurplus.co.uk/acatalog/PLCE-Camouflage-Patrol_Sack.html
    Now, I'm no expert but the picture is of PLCE Bergan, not a Patrol Sack, altho the description is of a Patrol pack. :?
    The NSN is :8465-99-869-3875
    Now if you guys could help me out by telling if its a fake or not I'd be thankful.

    Thanks alot anyway, Supa
  2. The NSN is for a "PACK,PATROL, 30 LITRE".
    I would agree with you that the picture in the link you give is of a Bergen. I think they simply have the wrong picture on that page, as they have a different one on this page.

    Price seems reasonable if the item is in good nick.
  3. Great first post there fella. Come back and add more with your observations and opinions!
  4. It must be a fake.

    It's referred to as a rucksack. The British military don't have rucksacks, thats's for youth hostellers.
  5. Ignore him, Supa. Ask as many 'stupid' questions as you like in this forum and you will usually get some good guidance.
  6. I told him to come back you c0ck.
  7. Sounded like sarcasm to me (I must be too used to listening to myself). If that was not the case, I'll gladly delete.
  8. Thanks alot guys, just ordered myself one. If it is a Bergan however, there are a few lads from 22 SAS in my local whom im sure will get thier black kit on for me and sort them out :twisted: ......or there's always Chuck Norris...