fake photographs of British troops - former soldier quizzed

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A former soldier who allegedly sold fake photographs of British troops mistreating an Iraqi prisoner to the Daily Mirror, which led to editor Piers Morgan being sacked, was today accused of being "violent and dishonest".

A former private, Stuart Mackenzie, was called to give evidence at a court martial today against seven colleagues who are accused of abusing Iraqi detainees in Basra.

But during cross-examination he was quizzed about his role in the Mirror scandal that was said to have undermined the efforts of British troops to win the battle for hearts and minds in the city and cost Mr Morgan his job.

Mr Mackenzie, who was a member of the Territorial Army, was accused of being paid £5,000 by the newspaper for the images that were reproduced around the world.

He was also accused of being the man who was notoriously pictured urinating on a figure who was supposedly an Iraqi prisoner.

Mr Mackenzie confirmed he had faced a court martial relating to the Mirror scandal but the case against him was dropped.

He was sacked from the TA in August for gross misconduct relating to the matter.

Mr Mackenzie's colleagues from the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, to whom he was attached in the summer of 2003 in Basra, immediately recognised him as the "soldier" in the pictures with his face blacked out in the fake images.

Distinctive moles on his forearms, his posture, and the way his shirt was tucked made him instantly recognisable, Mr Knowles said.

The barrister said the publication of the fake pictures "did untold harm to the reputation of the British army" because it appeared to prove they treated detainees the same way as American troops at Abu Ghraib jail, in the spotlight at the time for the ill treatment going on there.

Incredible! Is it just me being old Mr Suspicious or do you think we now see why they didn't prosecute this little lying scrote in the first place? Hardly what you'd call a reliable witness for the prosecution eh?

Sounds like a very unsafe conviction coming up.

In the words of Captain Edmund Blackadder "I love a fair trial!"


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