fake name on chieftain tank

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 00eb85, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. 01eb70 is an x 4 rtr tank at duxford and it has the name dakayne on it but it is not dakayne as the reg no for dakayne is 03eb31 which is still in use as a training aid and was down at bulford just before christmas so if anybody would like to know any locations let me know
  2. The correct spelling is DAKEYNE, named after Lt Col HW Dakeyne who commanded 4Bn RTC in Catterick in 1934.
  3. Did someone actually record which names were associated with a given reg No? :omg: It must have been murder keeping up as swaps were fairly common; I remember CO 4RTR swapped 11b with a Sabre Troop in order to get the first Stillborn Chieftain. So a given tank could have a multitude of correct names-just within one regiment!
    Scariest moniker I ever saw btw was the "Not for combat" plate on my Chieftain in Tidworth......
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  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Yes I remember seeing a Scorpion called VOR BRAKES.

    Strange name.

  5. Vehicle names in The Fourth were given to designated troops, they were not given to specific VRN's, this has continued to be the norm in 1 RTR.
  6. Vehicle names in The Fourth were given to designated troops, they were not given to specific VRN's, this has continued to be the norm in 1 RTR.
  7. In our lot it was down to the commander to decide, after consultation with the Sqn Ldr, what a vehicle was to be called. The only regs being that it had to be either the name of an Irish town or of something of significance in regt history.
  8. Most of the names of AFVs in the RTR come from the tanks named in WW1.
  9. My CRARRV in A Sqn was the same as my username!
  10. I've seen a few from WW2 as well mind you and the 4RTR tradition of painting the 'eye of Osiris' on each side of the mantlet, isn't that from the Western Desert campaign?
  11. One of the Troops in B Sqn Skins had some soldiers who proposed naming their panzers after 3 Concentration Camps (Buchenwald, Belsen and Belzec) in 1991.

    As we were stationed in Paderborn at the time (and as the idea was too sick, even for Boxhead baiting) it was rapidly stamped on by the CoC and we ended up with Bull Run and various others...
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    GDAV - your username is all wrong - I hear it should be halfatune :blowkiss: your commander sends his regards and awaits his bottle of malt.
  13. So the Fat Sarge bubbled me? Unbelievable. I must have put too much sugar in his coffee in 1982. :shakefist:
  14. I am sure there is, but I have never worked out, the reason why, our tanks are always named with a designation beginning with the letter 'C' - as in; 'Churchill', 'Conqueror', 'Centurion', 'Chieftain', 'Challenger'?

    Can anyone enlighten me?
  15. The designation "C" was for "cruiser". Originally ((WW1) the designs were called 'Mother'. We did have a few other tanks like the infantry Matilda series the Valentine and the Tetrach (there's another I can't remember) but all cruisers had names beginning with C. Officially even the modern tanks are heavy cruisers but since the dual purpose 105mm gun was introduced the term used has been MBT.