Fake MOD90's being sold on eBay

Fuck that shit. I want to be a Somalian Policelady.

**** that shit. I want to be a Somalian Policelady.
I can see a couple of problemettes there Slugs, old girl... Somalian and lady. You'll just have to settle for being a 'police'
Just when you thought you'd seen everything...

It does look sh*t and by the looks of the preview picture is nothing more than a piece of cardboard laminated but I'm surprised eBay allows the sale of these kind of thing

international ID collection..UNITED KINGDOM...Wallet Card...<<MILITARY>> ARMY

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So if anyone fancies being a general now is the time!

A Yankie company! Same company sells a lot of fake ID, all sorts of shit, and then adds a statement saying they are for collectors only.
ACF/CCF Instructors also get them taken off them by MPGS, especially the fabloned cardboard cut outs the feckers try to use.


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You're all a bunch of lightweights. I've joined a proper secret organisation.

Just wait till I rock up to the MOD and tell 'em they're due for an inspection of their facilities....

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Get one of the Mossad ones knocked up for any ccokwomble that's going on vacation to one of the shouty locations. Slip it in their bag and you won't see them again.
I used to have a mate donkeys years ago who had a joke shop ID for the unsecret service. Problem was it read as...

UN Secret Service. Loads of ppl believed it was genuine & he had a sneaky beaky job in new york

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