Fake Militrary Certificates of Achievement

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kiwi65, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Has anyone seen this on E Bay?

    Australian Army Sniper Certificate | eBay

    The producer of these fake certificates states in his advertising "For personal use only", however who the heck purchases a fake certificate and then places it on their desk for personal use? The purpose of a certificate is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "a document confirming that someone has reached a certain level of achievement in a course of study or training:".

    In much the same way as the wearing of fake medals constitutes "stolen valor" these certificates undermine the efforts of those who legitimately achieved the qualifications.
  2. Nice one, cheers. This will look great.
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  3. 'These certificates are of no military value...'

  4. I dont suppose he does one for blanket folding does he?

    Im thinking of Walting this season.
  5. Anything for 49 Para? I'm seriously thinking about taking up Walting.
  6. I don't want to snipe, but what's 'Militrary'?
  7. I still have my Secret Squirrel Club Certificate and Bazooka Joe code ring. Will this qualify me for the Int Corps?
    I should think those that need to know, will know these are fake. Others who can't be bothered to check references properly, get what they deserve.
    If they take them down the pub to pull a burd, good effort.
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  8. To be honest in these PC times I try to hide my background (all of it, including my pisspoor military bit) at work and a home.

    The last thing I would want would be a bit of paper on the desk or wall admitting my membership to an organization that would be bound to raise hackles with half the people who see it.

    I get enough abuse as it is.
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  9. I must admit, I've still got my Commision from HM, rolled up nice and safe in my wardrobe, but I'd be really hacked off if I found you get could get one on eBay. Mind you I don't stick it on the wall for everyone to see.
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  11. As simple as that? Not getting a wee bit carried away? Why so bitter?
  12. I can't see an unattributable piece of A4 getting you a job as a steely-eyed dealer of death offshore. Unless it's a C&G in catering.
  13. You can usually spot the fakes, though. Normally they have a spelling mistake in them, something like "Militrary Award".
    The idiots who make them up don't know how to use a spell checker.
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  14. Something to do with hats.
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